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Modification to the US 2016 Toyota Camry

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by kalebhushan, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I am planning to bring my vehicle to Canada next week. I have a PR in Canada and I landed here in Toronto on May 31st. I have some questions pertaining to the export-import:

    1. I have a visitor visa for the US on which am gonna visit the US and drive it down to Canada. At any step, will I be asked for a legal status in the US? I had bought this car in 2016 when I had a student visa and an OPT card and I had to exit the US in Dec 2018 since my legal status expired. However, I kept my car with a friend in the US and now that am here in Canada, am gonna go back to the US and import my car to Canada.

    2. One of the possible modifications listed for my car on tc.gc.ca is Electronic Immobilization system. Does 2016 Toyota Camry have it and if not, where can I get this added to my car?

  2. Are you going to get US insurance to your car to be able to drive her? Or is the vehicle still insured to not US resident?
  3. Its still insured until Sept 20th on my name with my friends added as drivers. However, Geico has refused to extend the vehicle insurance beyond 20th. So I need to get everything done this week. My lien release certificate is already on its way, I need to take it with the title to a DMV to get the lien removed, then start the export process. Not sure if I will be able to do everything until 20th Sept.

    Any suggestions or alternatives?
  4. Lien release delay could be a problem as far as September 20th expiration date. The car should be clear of liens and recalls. What can I say? US export office and Canadian import office don't care about vehicle insurance, it's just between you and police ( on both sides) IF something happens during travel. By the way I did export/import myself my wife's (PR) car. US side asked my passport, vehicle title ( on my wife's name) and ITN number. I got stamp on the Title and proceeded to Canada for import with proper (my wife's) paperwork. Canadians did not ask for proof of insurance either.
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  5. Sounds awesome. I hope to get the lien release delivered tomorrow. In that case, I guess I can still aim for Sept 20th. I know it would be tight. But lets see how it goes. Worst case, I can buy a Canadian insurance since they anyway need it before I get the car onto Canadian soil. Thanks for the input.
  6. Yes, you can get a Canadian insurance on US car. That's what we did with our US plated car after import in order to get her registered/plated in Ontario. I do not remember exactly who - Canadian Insurance company (Co-Operators) or ServiceOntario requested to have a Canadian DL and address as well.
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  7. Thanks. I already have an Ontario DL and a Canadian address. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

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