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Mistakes in form imm5645

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by GreatMan, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I applied online application few days back for temporary work permit. Everything went well, but I found that I made a few errors in my imm5645 form, I had wrongly entered housewife as my father occipatocc, I mistakenly interchanged mother's and father's occupations. I'm afraid that they may reject my application. Please help me how can I correct those details?
  2. When did you apply? I assume your employer has got an LMIA? It may delay processing, but then again it may not. All you can do as send the webform to correct the error and hope you get the extension.
  3. I had applied on 10-Jan-2019, I have received multiple update notification emails today, my current status processing your application.... and even I have received letter to submit my biometrics as well. yes I have, I have to join them by Feb ending.
  4. it's showing 15 weeks, I am not sure if it will take that much time or not. as per our company internal team it's taking 10-20 days and processing is happening quicker than what it is showing in site. mine is fresh ICT transfer and not the extension. fingers crossed..
  5. Sorry, I think I mixed you up with another post. Getting a fresh work permit in 10-20 days is highly doubtful. If it says 15 weeks on the website, it may take shorter or longer, but one thing is for sure the 10-20 days you have been quoted is a bit far fetched.
  6. I am not really sure, if it's takes more than one month then it's make sense to send the updated form so that they will not reject it, if they reject or request for additional information it may take more time, because I have updated my father occupation as 'Housewife'. I will upload the latest document, it's going to add extra 5-10 days time. being late is better than being rejected.
    does it really a serious issue? because I have opted no for them, and mentioned that they are not coming with me
    thank you for your help.
  7. I don't really think it should be an issue, but it depends on the CIC officer that reviews your application. I have seen people in this forum rejected for silly reasons, so better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. You don't need to upload another document, just send a webform stating your mistake and how it should be corrected.
  8. yes it make sense to update or have a query open so that at least in future if I want to bring my parents it will not cause problems. you have rightly mentioned can't expect how each individual behave how much commonsense they will put to solve something. I will open one query for them.
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  9. just now I have posted my query, hope for best. Thank you.
  10. Hey bro, today morning I got message in my online portal, it's saying final dedcidec: your application was approved, please submit your original passport, please find message for more information. In message section I could see a letter to submit my passport. Yesterday only I had given my bio metric, I coud see those details. Is my application approved or it's not a good sign? It's hardly 5 daysd so imI bit worried.
  11. If it says application approved, it's approved. Congrats

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