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Minister Delegate and 1 yr PR CARD

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by MUSTAFACAN, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. As long as one has Valid PR card ...no problem in arriving at last minute .
  2. That's not what canuck78 is referring to. If you have an H&C case in progress, spending most of your time outside of Canada on the 1 year PR card will likely work against you in the hearing.
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  3. That isn't the intent of the IRPA. The fact that the days after an A44(1) report don't count, doesn't mean that one should ignore establishing ties to Canada. With A44(1) report, they have already established you don't meet RO, and by leaving the country for 11 months, you have indicated your ties to Canada aren't particularly strong.

    You would need to apply for a new PR card. IRCC won't send a new one unless you request it.
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  4. Hey.
    Can i get an update on your case? I’m in a similar situation and would like to know the timeline
    1) How long after you received pr renewal refusal letter did you get a letter asking you to collect your 1 yr pr?

    2) when did the minister’s delegate contact you? And what was the decision? Did you appeal?
  5. Within a month I got a letter asking me to collect 1 yr PR Card

    Minister Delegate did not contact me till now.

    It's been 2 yrs since I got the refusal letter and a44(1) report sent to the minister Delegate.

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