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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Nope it's the table of details from GCkey (CIC interface)
  2. Ohhh I was wondering how those icons and symbols usually appear on these forums
  3. well nope sorry there's no magic in this thing :p
  4. Thats the GCKey..... Notes are worse to figure out LOL
  5. Gosh yes... tell me about it , tons of pages for like 2,3 notes in text in real..
  6. I just saw on a Facebook group that a January application was transferred to Mississauga instead of Mexico. What happens to the November and December applicants when we are going to be transferred!
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  7. When did the background check begin? Because mine hasn't even started.
  8. i don't even know the exact date .... but it was in between end of march (SA) and may...
  9. I just saw that too !!! Maybe you will all be lucky enough to be sent to Mississauga as well . I wish I was lol
  10. Wow.. i guess this person has contacts... Wait you are telling me that none nov , dec 2018 has been transferred to Mexico yet ?!??
  11. My friend is from November 31st and I am from December 24th and we have not been transferred. According to what I saw on June 24th they transferred applicants from November 1st to November 18th, I imagine that this month they will transfer the remaining ones. Likewise, being sent to Missisauga does not mean anything about a February applicant who was sent there and then to Mexico.
  12. Gosh... i'm from Feb2019 so transfer won't be like now at all *sigh*
  13. That's really good, so your application is moving more than ours.
  14. Not really, according to timelines, transfers are made in month 6 or 7. So be patient the road is long.
  15. Well that's IF this message on GcKEY is true... cause i barely believe what's written there lol

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