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Mexico visa office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Wilfredo coste cedeño, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Well... in august i'll be at month 6 yup..let's hope my app respect the timeline cause it was supposed to be a really straight forward one...
  2. I'm already in the 7th month and my hopes are on the floor. This process is very unfair to us.
  3. Indeed.. def not..as if they were trying to discourage some groups of ppl to apply based on geographic... is whatever.
  4. I think it all depends where the PA is from as well.
  5. I just got AOR from Mexico this week and I applied mid-September

    They set the expectation of a year... And once it is transferred it can happen quickly... It's clear there is no set system or order to things, so start stressing in 4 or 5 more months, not now... You'll make yourself crazy otherwise.
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    What is that ! Mid sept aor2 on july 2019 ? isnt it like 8 months ? When were you sent to mexico ?
  7. We never got the transfer letter... I ordered notes a month ago and it hadn't been transferred yet.
    Friends got their transfer letter a month ago but no AOR yet... Close to the same application date as us.
    I should note though that our applications originally went to Havana in December and were since transferred to Mexico.
  8. Your situation is very different from ours. You were transferred the first time to your visa office and then after closure you were transferred to Mexico. But we are waiting for the transfer to the place that corresponds to us and it is frustrating, waiting so long just to be "transferred".
  9. Exactly we all are stuck at Sydney and waiting for months to be sent...
  10. You may not ever get the AOR2 letter, I never did. I just got emails from Mexico for additional documents. At least you know its there
  11. My friend is a November 2018 applicant, and she is waiting for transfer as well.
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    Based on this.. i guess i'll just enjoy my week of vacation seeing my wife there , not thinking about any transfer cause anyway... i think it's not gonna be that sooner maybe 1,2 months in extra.
  13. Im 10 months and 6 days lol. MP told me there's nothing worry about. My marriage is suffering from this. My MP said my eligibility is going be in review in August 11,2019. I don't even know if that's the truth or not.
  14. Hello- are both of you sponsoring someone from the DR? Its been 7 months for me as well, I am sponsoring my husband from the DR and have not heard a word Since April when they asked for payment for Biometrics
  15. I am sponsoring my husband from the DR. I live in Toronto and you Mrs. Santiago?
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