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Medical test for pregnant applicant

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by TomsA, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    We recently got ITA and we just went for medical test today. My wife is pregnant and she's the primary applicant. We have done all the tests expect X-ray for my wife which our Gynecologist recommended us not to do it. However, the panel physician said, we need to do X-Ray for my wife as well and we will not get the VISA without that. We got, Information sheets from them along with a pregnancy deferral letter stating her to do her X-ray ASAP to resume the process which is currently on hold.

    As per the CIC website "The panel physician will do a complete medical exam. They may refer you for chest x-rays and laboratory tests. Once your exam is done, the physician will send us the results." They have said, that the X-Ray is not compulsory and I've heard about many cases where which the pregnant applicants got their VISA without chest X-Ray. Unfortunately, our panel physician is not even submitting her EMEDICAL report without her X-Ray. Is there anything we can do?

    Can I consult another panel physician for my wife to see if it's possible process without chest X-Ray.

    Will Canada IRCC pause the visa application only because of pregnancy of the primary applicant?

    Any help is really appreciated.

  2. Typically nobody should be able to get COPR/PR visa, without completing an x-ray. This is fundamental part of medical exam so to not do x-ray, would mean she did not complete medical exam.
    I have not heard of cases of people having apps approved without doing x-rays, but if there are some they should be considered unique situations not applicable to you. X-ray is the only way to detect serious health matters like TB.

    If she doesn't want to do x-ray, then expect the entire app will go on hold until baby is born, she can complete x-ray, and you can add baby to PR app as a dependent.

    Alternatively she can decide to do the chest x-ray while pregnant, as the radiation exposure if not more than a pregnant woman would experience on a long flight. But this entirely up to the applicant and doctor.
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  3. Hi

    The x-ray is compulsory for all applicants. Pregnant women are not exempted; they can simply get an extension on completing it until after the birth. The app will not be completed until after that. There is no point in going to another Panel Physician.

    The office should submit the medical as it is now to IRCC, along with the pregnancy deferral letter.
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  4. Hey,

    We passed the medicals without doing x-ray for my wife. We're submitted the pregnancy deferral letter and in few days, our medicals got approved.
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  5. Note that your wife has not actually passed the full medical yet. That won't happen until after her chest x-ray.
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  6. Wow. Congratulations
  7. The fact is that, if you got pregnant, you need to report to IRCC and most likely you will receive a postpone notice of your case asking you to wait until your baby's birth then add his/her info in your application
  8. whats the final outcome...
  9. Following..this post..i m in the same situation
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  10. I am in the same situation as well
  11. Hey there, sorry for the late response. We submitted the application without doing xray and we have also submitted the pregnancy deferral letter which we have received from the hospital. Our medical results where displayed as passed and then we got a letter from CIC saying that they put our application on hold as we were expecting a baby. They gave 1 month more from the Estimated delivery date for us to submit the passport, medical and birth certificate for my newborn born baby. We did it and submitted it. Even though they didn't ask for my wife's xray, we took that too before submitting as we didn't want to take that chance In the next 5 days we got COPR and now we have submitted our passports to VFS office for stamping
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  12. Thanks mate..one last question..who is the primary applicant in ur case?
  13. It's my wife.
  14. Thts great..same case for me..hopefully things will fall in place..
  15. It should be fine. Don't worry.
    Please let me know if you need any more help with the process
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