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Medical passed, but Eligibility Review has not started

Discussion in 'International Students' started by HenryVo, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. I am applying through SDS online application.
    29th June - Submitted application
    30th June - Biometrics request
    3rd July - Provided biometrics and biometrics updated
    12th July - Medical passed

    So it has been 2 working days after "Medical passed" and it still says "Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility."
    I am worried now, has anyone encountered this before?
    Is there a problem with my application that is causing this?
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  3. Don't worry about eligibility review status.
    They could've already started it but won't show.

    I applied for my CAIPS notes for my Study Permit , and according to the officers notes my eligiblity was being processed around March 8 .

    But according to my online CIC account , it changed on same day as approval i.e March 14.
  4. The online account updates suck tbh !

    I applied for extension on July 3 2019
    And eligibility review changed after 2 hours I submitted my application.

    So like I said , stay calm and hope for the best outcome !
  5. Thanks for the reply bro.
    By the way, can you please give me your insights on my application?

    - I am 17 years old, from Vietnam and is a high school graduate.
    - I am applying through SDS Online application.

    - 83% overall in Year 12.
    - 82% overall in Year 13.
    - IELTS 7.5 (lowest band is 6.0 in writing).

    Applied program
    - Accepted to Carleton University for Bachelor of Computer Science degree with $4000 scholarship.

    Financial proof (following SDS financial requirements):
    - Submitted GIC $10,000 from Scotiabank.
    - Submitted receipt of first year tuition fees paid in full.

    Travel history:
    - Travelled by plane to U.K, France, Spain Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Always returning home after my purpose of visit is completed.
    - Recently studied in New Zealand for Year 12 and 13 (last 2 years of high school) under a valid and approved New Zealand student visa. I returned home right after graduating high school in New Zealand.

    Family ties:
    - Potential problem: Older sister has PR and lives in Canada.
    - Both of my parents lives in Vietnam and I am only 17 and is living with them right now.
    - Other older sister also lives in Vietnam.

    I did NOT submit a SOP as it was not stated as a requirement for SDS.
    Do you think I have a chance?
    So far, I have received the "You passed the medical exam" update.
  6. Hello,
    I have a similar problem, I did an upfront medical examination which I passed for my first study permit application. However my visa was refused.
    In my second application I included that earlier upfront medical examination receipt (report). However the Canadian High Commission is requesting for another medicals and the panel physicians in my country have declined to do another medical examination for me.

    What should I do guys I am so desperate.

    Good Bless you
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  7. Did you include your UCI from your previous application in this new application? If you don't include it, they will view you as a first time applicant and assign you a new UCI, causing a whole heap of issues.
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    Hello HenryVoStar Member,

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I did not insert it at the beginning of the form (IMM1294). But I stated it in the "Background Information" in response to the question "Have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada?. Also I stated in my letter of explanation while responding to the queries and concerns of the previous application.

    Please Help me Guys.

  9. I had a issue where I did my upfront medical and was requested to do one again so this is what I did and someone on this forum told me this. I am not sure which country you're applying from, but I applied from Pakistan and another person had a similar issue. Just go online and fill an IRCC webform for your visa office. I submitted like 3 webforms (one every day for 3 days) and also sent two emails and eventually got a response within 7 days, even though it mentioned that they will reply in 28 business days. Here is the format you can use and you can change it a little bit based on your situation.


    I did my upfront medical exam at IOM [CITY NAME] on [DATE] but on [DATE] when I previously applied for a study permit which was rejected under the following UCI numeber. Now for my second application, I received a medical request form IMM-1017E on my CIC portal.

    I contacted the IOM hospital and explained my situation. They do have a record of me doing my medical and have uploaded my results. They won’t let me do another since a medical is valid for one year.

    I hope you could resolve this problem as soon as possible. My UMI number as mentioned on my e-medical sheet is: [UMI NUMBER]. I believe you have to search my record using my UMI number.

    Could you please look into the matter?
    Please do send me an acknowledgment email or update email.

    For your convenience, I have mentioned all the relevant details below. I am also attaching the following documents:
    1. Upfront Medical
    2. Passport
    3. Medical Request Form IMM-1017E
    4. IOM acknowledgment email [JUST THE EMAIL CONVERSATION WITH IOM]
    5. Previous UCI number

    Thank You.

    My Details:
    Application Type:
    Given Name:
    Family Name:
    Date of birth:
    Country of birth:
    Passport Number:
    Email Address:
    Phone Number:
    Application Number:
    Country from where applying:
    City from where applying:
    Online or Paper:

    Medical Details:
    UMI Number:
    Individual Number: [IF AVAILBLE]
    Exam Date:
    Clinic Name:

    Someone literally gave me the above format (God Bless him), and I am just sharing it with you by modifying it per your situation,
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  10. Just a heads up for everyone, CIC online application is kinda slow and the updates are all over the place.

    I got approved yesterday, and turns out, the "Eligibility review" only started when I received my Passport request letter, Correspondence letter and my application was updated to:
    "Final decision: Your application was approved."

    So yeah, don't rely on the updates and stay positive.
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  11. Congratulations, that's awesome news. Plus your overall profile is really good, especially keeping in mind your travel history

  12. Share u r timeline pls
  13. Sure, here it is:

    June 29th - Submitted SDS online application.
    June 30th - Biometrics request.
    July 3rd - Given biometrics and biometrics updated.
    July 12th - "You passed the medical exam" update.
    July 19th - "Final decision: Your application was approved" update, Biometric Correspondence Letter, Passport Request Letter.

    Processing time: 16 days (starting from Biometrics enrolment date).

  14. Like I told you before , eligibility review started or not has nothing to do with your app.
    It's random , starts way before you get notified ;)

    And Congrats !!

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