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Medical inadmissibility rules changes


Feb 5, 2019
Then I would wait to see if you f you get a procedural fairness letter before higher a lawyer. If you get a pfl then a lawyer can help.
Yes this is what I would do. I was hoping to find an approximate cost of hiring a lawyer to help with a pfl, from those who may have done the same. Thanks


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Jun 18, 2017
I want to ask a question.
While i Was filling canada forms, there is a statuary question about serious disease.
I had a VSD Closure through open heart surgery almost 15 years ago when i was a child and i am not receiving any medication for it neither before the surgery nor after the surgery. Should I Select "Yes" or "No" Under this question. Your kind help is required.
Is it due to a disease or was it just to fix a congenital abnormality? If you don’t have a disease the answer is no.


Nov 3, 2019
I'm intere
Hello. My case is as follow: I have a hepatitis B with very low viral load (never exceed 500) and sometime indetectable. By mistake I was put on oral treatment (Tenofovir only). And this currently allows to maintain my viral load to undetectable level. The liver and blood tests are all good. Also I have controls max 2 times a year if not once a year. What are my chances of passing the medical check especially since the new threshold is around $ 19600.

Controls are: ultrasound, blood test, viral load check

Thanks for your reply
I'm interested in the outcome of your medical exam? Please have you undergone the exams and was there any issue?

Please reply