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Medical inadmissibility rules changes

Discussion in 'Health' started by Outworld, May 4, 2018.

  1. Very accurate. Your application eventually confirmed your prediction. I am in your shoes right now. IME officer has appended M5 to my case now with CMAU. Yet status reads: Ready to be assessed. Last updated on May 31, 2019. Can you please confirm when your file was transferred to CMAU and whether there was a "Ready to be assessed" on your note after appending an M5.
  2. From my experience it's a 9 month turnaround time from that unit
  3. Hello guys,

    I have being a silent reader on this thread and I need help with clarification.

    In Nov 2018, I was referred to a specialist and after the reviews, I was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer. I went for the recommended surgery in Jan 2019 and submitted a number of reports.

    I was informed that I would be submitting a 6 months review in the month of July (this month) but my READY FOR VISA mail was sent to me in May and my VISA issued in June 2019 and my cic account shows my application has been approved.

    Is it necessary to submit a 6 months review report again considering that my application has been approved and visa issued? This clarification is needed as I received a call from my panel physician saying my medical review has not been completed.

    Kindly assist me clarify..
  4. Are you currently going through treatment? Not sure what kind of bone cancer you have but knowing things like Osteosarcoma surgery is not usually the only treatment.
  5. They must be satisfied with the information they had. The 6 months is standard follow up with an disease that's is being treated weather infection or cancer. They must have been satisfied with the information they had especially if surgery is the definitive treatment.
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  6. No further treatment required as it was a low grade chondrosacroma in the iliac area of the hip.
  7. Thanks, I guess I would take no further action in that regard except to stay healthy...
  8. Seen some very questionable decisions from the medical inadmissibility but if there is no further treatment getting approved makes sense. To be fair it is really a cancer of the cartilage not bone. Most other bone cancers require much more treatment so I was pretty shocked about approval.
  9. Hi guys, my medical says "has condition which reasonably expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services". M5. And it says "referred to DN for review of M5 medical".. what does this mean? I know M5 means inadmissible on medical grounds? What's the " referred to DN for review" mean?
  10. Ok...but you are yet to address my question...since my application has been approved, is there any need to respond to the panel physician requesting that I submit a 6 months review report?

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  11. DN refers to "Domestic Network" - Edmonton, Vancouver, Etobicoke which appears to be internal auditing offices for IRCC. Strange because M5 cases are normally processed at CMAU from where it is further transferred to HMID-NF if fairness letter is required. I don't know why yours have to be audited instead. Perhaps some administrative error was sighted?
  12. It was processed at CMAU and then they forwarded it to DN.. Will they give me a procesproc fairness letter from here on?
  13. *Procedural fairness letter
  14. What happens after the audit, will they transfer it to HMID-NF?
  15. Probably so. Final decision, including issuance of procedural letter is done at the Humanitarian Migration and Integrity Division at the IRCC Niagara Falls office (HMID-NF). Don't lose hope yet, the auditing might come out positive. Read up the procedure for inadmissibility here.

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