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Medical inadmissibility rules changes

Discussion in 'Health' started by Outworld, May 4, 2018.

  1. Unless they ask for it then no. You seem to have been providing regular updates so that is likely why you were approved. Is the panel physician requesting the update based on instructions from IRCC? If yes, then I would call and ask if you need the update or do the update.
  2. Thank you... yes I provided the visa office regular update. I also sent an email to my visa office and I got a response today advising me that my medical examination result had been accepted hence no need to oblige the panel physician with any other report.

    Thank you...

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  3. How did u provide the visa officer another update? I went to remission from my disease however I still use my medication.. can I update the visa officer with my latest report? If so is there any format do it, how would they know it's from the doctor?
  4. I provided updates to the visa office via the panel physician as requested. I also remember sending emails directly to my visa office to inform them about any delay beyond my control in submitting my report. The medical reports are transmitted to the visa office through the panel physicians.


  5. You situations are quite different. You will likely have to keep taking the expensive biological medication so although it is great that you are in remission the costs won’t necessarily change dramatically so an update would not have the same effect. You can definitely send an update through CSE if you want. In the case of @ShininLite, he/she had the required surgery and it was determined that no further treatment would be needed. Therefore the cost of the surgery was no longer a factor and no further treatment meant no more potential costs except regular scans just to make sure no cancer ever reoccurs. Based on the diagnosis the incidence of reoccurrence is quite low which is another plus.
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  6. AOR Sept 17th 2018

    I had received my GCMS notes today and the following statement was under description in Medicals
    "Has a condition that might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services to such an extent that the applicant is inadmissable under section 38(1)
    IME status : Assessed
    IME status reason : Not Granted.

    S Profile 2.02
    Description: Inactive Tuberculosis

    What does this mean ? Is it only surveillance or I might receive a PFL or rejection??

    Eligibility: met
    Medicals : In progress
    Criminality: Passed

    Can someone let's us know what IME status reason is ?

    For PA IME status is Granted
  7. Will the attorney overcome the PFL for medical inadmissibility m5? I heard that they charge around 3000$ to 6000$ for the letter, so I'm assuming that they should be able to successfully overcome it..
  8. You still have to prove that you will not cause excessive demand.
  9. What if we find a doctor who's willing to reduce the medicine dosage? Would that work? For replying for PFL?
  10. How would that work given surely it is a condition and predicted long term outlook/ support required that is a concern for excessive demand not simply the drug supply that is only part of the equation that includes doctors, hospitals and so on which are a finite resource
  11. In my case I'm in remission, that means the disease is inactive and I just need drugs and hospitalization is rare, according to medical theory. If for long term how long do they look for? I assume they can't look forward beyond 10 years, because there is no guarantee that any person would be doing ok ten years from now. So I was thinking if I find a doctor who can reduce my dosage, that would help me in my case? I'm not sure though...
  12. When was the M5 decision made at CMAU?
    And also, what date was your file transferred to DN?
  13. Hello. My case is as follow: I have a hepatitis B with very low viral load (never exceed 500) and sometime indetectable. By mistake I was put on oral treatment (Tenofovir only). And this currently allows to maintain my viral load to undetectable level. The liver and blood tests are all good. Also I have controls max 2 times a year if not once a year. What are my chances of passing the medical check especially since the new threshold is around $ 19600.

    Controls are: ultrasound, blood test, viral load check

    Thanks for your reply

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