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    Checklist Page 8 of 10

    No. 7) - Part. a) Are you and your spouse currently living together?

    No: Provide the documents in both of the following bullets:

    Proof of Contact: Provide letters, printed text messages, emails or social media conversations, or other documented proof of contact between you and your sponsor. Provide a maximum of 10 pages with your application. You must provide certified translations in either English or French of all proof of contact documents that are not already in English or French.
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  2. It says documents . Chat is communication it could be in any language using English alphabets . Many of my friends have done same way
  3. when did you send your application?
  4. I read the forum, it seems this was changed in March. I completed my application and collected all documents and was waiting for NOA. Which took freaking 2 months. Therefore I used the same Documents & checklist and added some More chats from months after February.
    Let's hope so they don't return the file. Just because of that. The chats are in English & some Hindi (written in English alphabet).
  5. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how much time the Quebec (CSQ) part takes in spouse cases?

  6. Hi, regarding the proof of contact like social media, should I screenshot conversations? or just extract conversation logs into a text/word document. which of the two works better?
  7. All depends on the social media, if you can download and extract the chat message would be easier. I use Facebook message for communication and I downloaded the files. Printed the number page of text.
  8. But screenshot works as well from what others have mentioned
  9. I tried the classic copy and paste within the desktop app, and it worked and includes the time and date stamp. This is better yes?

    I like the idea of doing screenshots too, but it limits the number of conversation. (maybe I can mix both without problems?)
  10. I believe as long it shows communication via through text or phone calls showing date and time. It should be okay. It does limit us to having only 10 pages when we can be providing 1000s of pages worth of text or phone calls. You should be good, the whole point is to show what kind of communication is happening between you and your spouse that is genuine.
  11. This month
  12. I did screenshots(at least 2 from every month) then pasted four images on each word page. Had them translated in the same format. Added more pages of chat images that had more than 80% of English chats.
  13. Status: Delivered: 05/22/2019 12:48 PM Signed for By: M.PENNY
    Signed for by: M.PENNY
    Delivery location: SYDNEY, NS
  14. Just sent the application yesterday to Sydney, outland application, I wish luck for all
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  15. Application delivered by Canada Post on 21 May,
    It says they can not disclose the signatures due to *Security reasons*; want to know if this is normal?

    It says the application is received by - D.J. I hope it reached the right place and this DJ is not spinning my application on a turntable :D

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