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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. Hey, sent mine yesterday as well. Will get there by 22nd May. Lets stay in touch and Good luck!!
  2. Mine too! Havent heard anything yet, hoping to hear something back soon..
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  3. Same thing here. I think one should be expecting from a month and above
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  4. Hello Guyz... We are so excited to be on this journey as we have also sent out our application today to CPC - Sydney, Nova Scotia. The application has been sent from India (through DHL). In our case, the Sponsor is my husband (Canadian PR) and I am the PA. Will keep our time line posted so that it helps other applicants as well. Good l
  5. Was just wondering how much did u had to pay per page of whatsapp translation
  6. If your chats are in english you don't have to, otherwise it has to be certified translated.
  7. I sent in 10 pages they quoted it $282CAD after taxes.
  8. Also, It wasn't whatsapp chats, it was two pages of iMessage texts and the rest are full page letters that me and my wife sent each other.
  9. Okok thanks loll i have sent my application in ..just wondering... local translation company charges me 30 bucks a page ...... damnnnn lol
  10. We don’t need to translate it
  11. It’s clearly written in the checklist that all documents that are not in english has to be certified translated so I don’t know where you’re getting this information.
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    Hey everyone,

    Please read the fine prints of checklist for supporting documents. As Izzy22 mentioned, the checklist changed just recently. Any documents including communication documents ie. Text, email, social media or chat apps that are NOT in English or French MUST be certified translated.
  13. Hi
    No I haven't. It is not required to provide translation of the chat messages, if Required IRCC will ask for Translation
  14. If you are translating chats from different country other than canada, then you have to provide affidavit from same translator with certified translation of whatsapp chat.
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    According to checklist, If any chat is not in English, then you have to provide certified translation of any text message, emails, whatsapp chat or any social media conversation.

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