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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Reetypd, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    As I didn’t see a thread yet for those who have started in May 2018 their spousal sponsorship process, I thought it would make sense to start one and follow and support each others’ progress.

    My timeline (I’m the sponsor):
    Application incl. OWP sent May 1

    That’s it for now..

    Wishing all May applicants a quick, smooth and successful process!
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  2. I sent my sponsorship and my OWP may 14th and delivered may 17th. That’s everything for now
  3. Sent May 22th and delivered May 24th. No update yet
  4. I have sent mine on May 15th delivered 18th. No news
  5. Sent application (with OWP app) on the 28th, delivered on the 30th. Nothing yet.
  6. Hi everyone!

    I am the applicant. We sent the Application for PR and OWP on May 28th, it was delivered on May 31st.
    But we haven't heard anything yet. I've been checking everyday.

    Good luck to us then :)
  7. It would take about 4 weeks to get the file number, so my guessing by next Friday, early May's applicants should get the AOR.
    Good luck your guys.
  8. No. Even last week of April still waiting now, like us.
  9. It says should take about 6-8 weeks, but in-land mostly would take about 4-5 weeks. So you may get it next week.
  10. Fingers crossed !
  11. Does anyone know where to find out the UCI number for our individual applications?
    I only have my receipt number and that doesn’t show anything when I try logging onto the cic website..
    Any help is very appreciated!!
  12. Hi everyone,
    I submit my application on May-6-2018. They received it on May-10-2018. And nothing yet , hopefully something by tomorrow.
  13. Hi All,

    Sent application (with OWP app) on the May 11th, delivered on the 17th. Waiting.
  14. Hi guys
    Any good news yet ?
  15. Hello everyone!
    Im new in this forum☺

    My husband and I are applying for inland spousal sponsorship.
    He is the sponsor and im the principal applicant.

    We sent our application last May 23 via xpresspost and was received on the 25th in Mississauga.

    I already have my UCI prior to the application but i couldnt seem to link it to my account.

    Should i wait fot the AOR to arrive before i link it? Im thinking maybe im not on their system yet.

    Any inputs will be appreciated.☺
    Good luck to us!

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