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May 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by withhardshipcomesease, May 3, 2018.

  1. I did.
  2. I had a dream that England brought home the world cup trophy the same day I received my AOR! :p unfortunately I have to wait 4 years for the cup , but hopeful that I'll get my AOR soon!

    Does anyone know once the ball starts rolling how long the avg time is between test and oath ceremony? I received an offer to apply for an amazing 12 month contract back in the UK, but I dont want to mess up my chances of getting citizenship by going back and taking it. I'm in Edmonton if that makes a difference.
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  3. My application was delivered on May 7th.. but still no AOR.. :(
    But got a survey request from IRCC.
  4. Did you receive the survey by mail or email?
  5. email.
  6. Okay thank you! I hope we all get our AOR soon!!!
  7. Survey has nothing to do with Citizenship application. It is randomly sent to people who got PR in last 5 years or so.
  8. Yes, correct .
  9. Hi Naz,

    Hi I'm having the same status. My application was delivered and received on May 11th. But no update regarding AOR yet.

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  10. Your should be on the way. It is taking more than 60 days now
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  11. Please note that they open applications faster under urgent processing. Envelopes have to be marked URGEN
    Looking at the minimum and maximum processing cycles, it seems that within 5 months from processing start date, an oath is most likely scheduled for routine applications. So, add 6-7 months from the date of application receipt and this is the normal time. As mentioned earlier, the CIC agent told me that more staff is being onboarded to clear backlog due to upcoming elections. Expect faster processing in the second half of the year.
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  12. Note that looking at the statistics for mid 2018, the application AOR timeline from date of receipt was around 30 days, but the processing start date was 60 days from that. Since April, the AOR timeline is 60 days and the processing start date is also around 60 days. Basis this, calculate your timeline for processing. Average processing completion for Citizenship applications in 2017 was 217 days total from the date of mailing to oath. I do hope that they will maintain this overall timeline inspite of the lag between AOR and processing.
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  13. Hopefully, Thanks.
    But I have a question, if anyone's application is returned, how they are being informed? By email or just application folder will be sent back to home address?
  14. You will get an email and then receive the complete application pack by snail mail.
  15. Hi
    Could you please tell us which election is this?
    Here is the list of upcomming election in Canada. I do not see anything major at least in remaining part of 2018


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