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MAY 2017 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by nonoo, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Congrats and Good Luck for the test !! Updated spreadsheet.
  2. Hello! Sorry for the late reply! My interview was a matter of 5-7 minutes. They told me my results (they don't go into details about the test). Then they checked all my documents. They asked about my work and what I do. Other than that not a lot of questions. They checked very visa and pages in my passport.

    My office is Frederiction, NB.
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  3. ok thanks
  4. nice! congrats!!... love freddy... stayed there 6 years..did my PhD there at UNB.
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  5. Hello friends , I want to ask those friends who have been to the test , what documents we have to take with us . I sent all translations of my passport stamps but they asked again to bring on the day of test .do we have to take Tax papers and kids school records too beside the things they asked specifically for .
  6. My friend who appeared in test in a March said their paper didn't say passport stamps but mine says certified translations of any passport stamps .
  7. I would say yes. take everything that will help your case. including the originals of:
    confirmation of landing
    pr card
    all passports to cover period of 4-6 years (depending on your case)
    proof of english proficiency or test score
    translation of non english stamps
    taxes assessments
    kids school records
    Birth certificate for kids
    translation of birth certificates for kids

    if they ask for something that you don't have with you or you can't prove then you will be delaying your application. my friend's application was delayed because one stamp wasn't translated and it didn't even fall in the period shown on the residence calculator. but the officer didn't know that because he couldn't even know the date because numbers were in Farsi.
  8. Anyone from Mississauga received Test Invitation yet? :confused:
  9. I received it :) but not a test invitation but greetings and well wishes and happy wait :)
  10. Hello fiends i have a question,
    In answer to Question 6-G on Application form CIT0002E (address in past 6 years) Do we I have to mentioned only Canadian address or my home country address as well, where I went for vacation for only 1 month ?

    Hope some of you who have similar situation can assist
  11. Vacation is not considered residence, thus your address during that time was still in Canada, you were merely on a longer vacation to some other country (even if that is your original country and you stayed in your own home in that country). So no need to put that address in the form for that period.

    I am wondering though, why you are asking this specific question in the May 2017 applicants for citizenship? You should have started a new thread with your question.
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  12. What do you mean? They started posting greetings on ECAS???
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  13. He is just kidding.
  14. lol..no..just joking :)
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  15. Please Update Spreadsheet, I got the application "In Process" on 13 Sep

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