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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by E.R.Z784, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. March applicants, let's discuss our progress here!
  2. I hope there are more March applicants!
    Anyone with the similar time frame?
    • Mar 07. 2018- application couriered by Canada Post Express
    • Mar 09. 2018 - application arrived at Mississauga processing centre
    • Apr 10. 2018- AOR received, application linked, Schedule A and Police Check request received
    • In the process of process Police Check...
  3. Application received at Mississauga on March 13th. AOR on April 12th.

    PCC and schedule A sent along with the application (New checklist)

    Whats next for me? Is it the long wait for the medical request?
  4. Have you linked your application to your CIC account? IF you do, there is more info there.
  5. Hello everyone!
    Application Received 15th March 2018
    AOR Received 12th April 2018
    Linked my account, but it wouldn't let me link OWP!! Does it take a few days before you can link it?

    Thanks and good luck everyone..
  6. I don't know, but I think you can give it a couple of days. Call CIC in a couple of days, but their line is so busy to get. Good luck.
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    I managed to link my OWP last night!
    Schedule A and PCC sent with application, so I guess its a waiting game now...

  8. Are you inland?
  9. Good luck! I am currently waiting for my PCC, I should have done it beforehand, sigh...
  10. Yes I'm Inland.
  11. Mine only took 1 week. Thats applying for it and getting it posted to BC from England. Hopefully your's arrives soon. Good luck.
  12. I think I don't need it posted, no? Scanned copy be sufficient. Since I already mailed it to Mississauga and had AOR1 already.
  13. Any March applicant heard anything new?
  14. Please leave your timeline (with the info that you are comfortable with)in your signature to allow others to follow each other's progress easily! Many thanks!
  15. Applied for spousal application INLAND
    Application received March-09-2018
    No AOR yet
    Haven't Heard Anything From CIC after that.
    But Found out recently that i have paid wrong fee for OWP.
    Talked to CIC one agent said OWP application will returned and second one said they will deduct the pending fee from Right to be permanent fee because by the time they will return my wife's OWP application she will be out of status. Her Study permit expiring on July-30.
    Plz help if anyone have any info.

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