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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Updated. Congrats!
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    Just got my AOR. :)
  3. See, with little patience, you will get it. updated. Congrats
  4. I also received the AOR today! Good luck to everyone guys!!!
  5. I got my AOR! Could you please update my case in the tracker?

    User: Conaider
    Application sent: March 27
    Application received: March 29
    Physical presence days: 1564
    Location: Toronto
    Type: Single
    AOR Received: April 16

    Thanks, and good luck everybody ;)
  6. Updated. Congrats to both of you
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  7. Actually i've created the account few days ago, it is either i'm inputting the info wrong or I wrote my name wrong on the application form :D
  8. Location: Markham
    Type: Family(4)
    Days: 1100
    Sent: March 22
    Delivered: March 26
    AOR: April 16
  9. Added. Good luck
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    sites for practicing test:
    http://www.yourlibrary.ca/citizenship/ (Quiz only) - Free
    https://www.apnatoronto.com/canadian-citizenship-test-practice/ (Quiz only) - Free
    http://www.citizenshipsupport.ca (Free Quiz and you can purchase more for $29)
    http://citizenshipcounts.ca/quiz (Study Guide nicely organized in section, Flashcard, and Quiz) - Free no purchase required
    http://www.v-soul.com/onlinetest/canada_citizen_test/ (Quiz Only) - Free
    http://www.thecanadiantest.com/citizenship-test/1 (Study Guide and Quiz) - Free

    And the mobile app:
    Canadian citizenship test Free (Alpaca software)

    If your correspondence for receipt of application was by email, you will have to order your book online (it's free).
    Check out this link:
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  11. Any IP for March applicants other than me
  12. no one reported IP except you. Your case was super fast. Most of Feb and around half of Jan applicants still not IP
  13. And some(like me) are still waiting for that AOR.... :(
  14. Received AOR at 6:30 a.m. today i.e. April 17. Please update the spreadsheet accordingly.
  15. Hi .. what is your location??

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