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Manitoba PNP renewal 2018 January

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rahul134mishra, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Need your expert opinion

    my express entry score is 350
    ielts score is clb 7
    wife ielts score is clb 6
    she has a bachelors degree too
    i am the primary applicant
    i am i eligible for manitoba pnp 2018 stream i dont have any connection or friends in manitoba
    can i still apply though? please guide me if i can apply for human capital pathway for skilled worker overseas .... do i need still need a connection to apply? what are my chances if i dont a have a connection at all in manitoba? how long pnp application usually take to process
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  2. the details of Manitoba new pnp 2018 didn't revealed yet , so wait for the details and review your situation again
  3. Before I got approved for the MPNP in July 2016 they did a phone interview with me and asked me for my Manitoba bond. I could mention someone. However they weren't asking in depth questions on that.
    Because the MPNP process is fast and it is a little easier to immigrate to Canada through Manitoba (skilled worker stream) there are several people that are not honest in their expression of interest in Manitoba. So I do not know if you will have to have a person you know. (It was a same country of origin friend for me that has the same occupation) But you should have a reasonable reason why it is Manitoba. We have pretty harsh and long Winters here. Not many people are excited about living here in the (many) Winter month so moving here kind of needs a proper reason. There are many regions in Canada that are more popular.
    That is how I see it. But that is my personal experience / view
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  4. Thanks guys for your replies
    I really appreciate that. It’s been my dream to settle down in Canada for good so I can understand winters are pretty harsh over there but we will manage. Have been trying to migrate to Canada for a long time
    It’s almost 9 months now
    My credentialing process took very long

    I am a Physiotherpist by profession
    My Wes evaluation has been completed successfully and it is Canadian masters equivalent. Please guys keep us updated with Manitoba pnp 2018 and if you Think there might be some other option for me and my wife please let us know

    Thanks heaps
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  5. Hi Rahul,

    I am exactly in a similiar situation as our CRS, IELTS scores are exactly same (CRS 350, IELTS 7 & 6 {wife}, WES done). Only difference could be in case you are masters degree holder. My complete experience is in supply chain/logistics domain.

    I am also trying to check PNP options for SINP, MPNP & Nova scotia and before I submit my profile in EE or for any particular province, I want to be sure of my chances for that province. For e.g. I checked jobs in my domain in Saskatchewan province but couldn't see much relevant openings so wasn't convinced if Saskatchewan would be a good option in my profession.

    Could you clarify how you are checking your score for Manitoba or any other province. I could find something for MPNP but not for other provinces:


    I guess would be good if stay in touch & help each other in keeping updated with MPNP details for 2018.

    Would appreciate support of other users as well to help myself & Rahul in further process.
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  6. Thanks for the reply and your help appreciate it
    I reckon all of us should get connected via whats app too
    its easier and a faster way to connect
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  7. thanks for your valuable feedback and information
  8. Hi There.

    Mine is a regualted profession in canada so that means that although my credentialing is done by wes but still i might have to go through
    alliance pt for credentialing and then giving my licensing exam once i am in canada. It is a very long process. However, my main concern right now is to immigrate to canada so i have not given much thought about jobs i guess people like me can work a physio assistants till we clear our licensing.

    So the answer to your query is i am not looking job options right now considering provinces. My first priority is to get some form of confirmation as in whether i am going to canada or not ? These PNP prgrams keep on changing and rules keep on chaging every now and then
    so that is the reason i want to be prepared for manitoba pnp 2018 i guess that is my only hope right now as physio 3142 is in demand list
    in my opinion the only thing that i am lacking in manitoba pnp 2018 is having no connection.......do you think it will be a good idea to be friends with some one via facebook and build genuine friendship ????

    Regarding my mpnp scoring actually i tried to fill out mpnp application for 2017
    but i coudnt submit my application due to lack of connection in manitoba
    my score for mpnp was coming up to 487 approximately after choosing the regional migration option.
    now heres the catch i was lucky that my application didnt go through
    and i have seen the previous draws the cut off was around 600 so a person like me with 487 i dont think i would have received invite anyway
    but i am hoping with human capital pathway 2018 there is clearly mentioned in the website that you may be awarded adaptability points if your spouse has a bachelors degree and clb 5 in ielts
    so this is what i am hoping for lets see what happens
    god bless us all

    I guess everyone of us sooner or later will go to canada........
    I would really appreciate if every one shares there time lines and more information as much as possible so we can rely on each other rather that relying on agents because they are just cheating innocent people.

    one more thing please correct me if i am wrong but i was hoping to create a whats app group
    i guess that will be a better idea to be in touch and will get faster info

    Guys one last thing.... just a suggestion please stay away from agents
    they dont help at all
    eventually they are going to tell you to improve your lelts score or ask for more money
    they do nothing
    so stay away from them

    good luck to all
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    Do you know that you can submit applications for the EE and go with a PNP stream at the same time?
    If one is accepted you can withdraw the other. If one is rejected you still have a back up!
    But I highly recommend to do more research on that. I know a lot do that. I am not eligible for it. But maybe there is more to know about 2 applications at a time!
    Just don't forget that a province wants you to make a commitment to the province. The fact that you want to spend your future in Canada is not enough for them. Unless you are lucky they might want to see a good reason why you are choosing that province. PNP programs only serve the purpose of supporting a Province's economy. THey do not want you to move away once you are PR. Of course you can.... just saying in case you get an interview!
    And in Manitoba there is or was? the option to a exploratory visit. You might be able to set up a company or a friend or.... who serves as Provincial bond?
    Good Luck anyway!!
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  10. hi below mentioned was my query towards manitoba immigration thats the reply i received from manitoba immigration

    Hi There,

    I am I eligible for Human capital pathway stream PNP 2018 i don't have any connections or friends in Manitoba but in the adaptability section it shows that if your spouse has a bachelors degree and CLB 5 in Ielts we can get the adaptability points ??
    Please be a little specific and elaborate your reply if possible



    To be eligible to apply to this stream you should demonstrate you have a connection to Manitoba as stated in our website http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/immigrate-to-manitoba/mpnp-renewal/renewed-swo/#2
    guys this is the reply i got from manitoba immigration via email
    does that mean that people like me who do not have any connection in manitoba cannot apply

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    you will need to convince the MPNP that you will most likely stay in Manitoba after you received your PR. During the nomination process you have to fill out a settlement plan and include your bond to Manitoba.
    I have a friend that did get nominated without bond after an interview with a MPNP officer. He was pushing hard to get into Manitoba and had a immigration consultant who helped him.
    I believe for the standard procedure. Yes you have to have a bond to Manitoba. A lot of people went through MPNP and once they received PR they left the province. In BC for example it is a lot harder to get into the PNP, but is is a very popular destination. So if someone can't make it into the BCPNP they might try Manitoba only for the nomination and then take off. And the bond is their way to have some saftey on their side that you will not run once you are a PR. Too much fraud is going on. Unfortunately.
    The only reason you get a PNP nomination anywhere in Canada is because the Province believes that you are a good economic future investment for this PROVINCE, not for Canada in general
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  12. so what are you suggesting ? as in will i be able to apply for pnp 2018 without having any connection? regarding doing bond and convincing the province that i will only stay in manitoba how is it done ? i have had people reply to previous posts saying that i need to do research regarding that what does that mean? i want to just settle in manitoba for good without going to any other province but what sort of research and when we say settlement plan then what does it mean? since i got the reply from pnp manitoba stating that connection is required to apply for manitoba and i dont have any connection in manitoba so what shall i do in that situation??
  13. If you can afford it you can ask a professional. An immigration consultant in Manitoba. Maybe you can ask a free question. Maybe they charge you for half an hour of consulting. I went with an immigration consultant in Winkler, Manitoba to find my way through this system.
    I do not have a good recommendation. It might be harder with no bond. But what I learned in the 2+ years immigrating (still waiting for my PR decision) is that there are ways to get in the immigration system. Even if some lights seem to be red.
    And if you can. Go for EE.
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  14. Ok thanks for your help
    Do you have any contacts of immigrations in Manitoba
    Who can help me ?

  15. Hi Rahul,

    Regarding your question if it's a good idea to be friend with someone on Facebook & build friendship, I think it is good option but depends on person to person and how they take it. For e.g. I found one guy on QUORA website and normally he answers ppl's queries on canada immigration. So I searched him on fb and added in my friend list. I think you can try this option.

    Even I checked human capital pathway option and my occupation is also mentioned under the "In Demands occupation list".
    7 - Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations

    So I guess i can also be awarded adaptability points as my wife has scored 6 in IELTS. But just one query, how many adaptability points you calculate based on this condition? Will it be 6x20=120 points?

    Also one of my wife's close friend moved to Manitoba last year November so I think I can show them as close friend under adaptability condition if required.

    And what does the below dates mean??
    Change Effective Date
    New Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway criteria in effect - January 2018
    Skilled Worker Overseas Stream – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway EOI draw ---January 2018
    Technical changes to MPNP Online application system ---- Q3 2018*
    Renewed Skilled Worker Overseas Stream criteria in effect --- Q3 2018*


    I think it would be good option to have a whatsapp group to communicate faster. But still we should continue here as well considering new ppl keep on joining and giving new inputs.

    Good luck to all.

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