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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bimbimi, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. it seems that your application is for 2019 target of morden, they only have 50 families per yr quota.
    it is a requirement not to have any connection w/ Canada ( relatives,family and friends)
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience! Are you already in Morden or still in the federal part of the application?
  3. My application is still under federal part ( PR application). how about you?
  4. I am already in Manitoba :) I'm here to offer information about life in Manitoba to those who are still in the process.
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    wow, lucky for us who need some guidance! information is very crucial on what to expect in Morden once we are given the opportunity to live in a new community.
    i will keep in touch, i hope you don't mind.
  6. Not at all, feel free to tag me if you have questions. You can also send me a direct message if you want.
  7. Hello friends..i man indian nurse .can i apply for morden city ??thanks
  8. As I didnt hear from them till now, I sent an email asking whether my EOI will be considered or not today.
    My Sister in law moved to PEI, but has still not received the PR. I hope this will not create any issue in my application.
  9. Hello this forum is very helpful. Pls how long does it takes to receive an email for Skype interview. My spouse applied for morden in October and was asked to wait for response on or before dec 1st. Has anyone who applied for morden in October received an invitation for Skype interview yet. Just curious
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    would you please, as you have applied for Morden Immigration, may you help, I need to know if the uncle of my mother in-law is considered as a relative for us or not (he lives in Quebec) because I want to apply but they require not to have any connection to Canada.
  11. Good day all, pls I just want to know when the next draw will be released for Manitoba provincial nomination especially for EOI for skilled worker oversea in EE.

    Thank u.
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    My personal opinion - no connection w/ in Morden or other Canada provinces means that no relative or friends living in Canada for you to be qualified.
    Friends can be easy to ignore but relatives will be a challenged not to declare.
  13. on my experience, it took a week for the invitation for Skype interview.
  14. do you have a communication with the guy in the past? I do believe that there are chances that we have relatives that we never knew that they are living in Canada, so it can't be avoided that somehow we have connection w/o knowing it. the idea of not having a connection is for you to stay in Morden and not to move to other province once you get your PR/once you get the approval.
  15. there's no harm if you apply, all the best.

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