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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bimbimi, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. Hi

    I have one question. I am planing to apply for Manitoba Province (Morden City) as i search first you have to full fill an express entry profile, but in Morden City you don't have to do ECA and in express entry yes.

    what to do ?

    Anyone is on the same boat.
  2. From what I read, they say you can apply to them directly. You will receive invitation, go visit the city, then get something like an official letter from them. THEN you apply through federal skilled worker plan. This is what I know. Please update as I'm interested too. Good luck
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  3. hello ,

    Morden City-strategic initiative requires an active EE profile, so when you apply for Morden you need to fulfill the requirements of having an active EE profile.
    When I applied, they requested by ECA.
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  4. There's a lady from Brazil that made a blog about her application to the Morden program, maybe it can help you: https://pembinagirl.com/about-me/
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  5. Hi Nicholas,
    When did u applied for Morden and what is ur NOC?
  6. My NOC 1215

    My time line:
    I applied in Jan 2018
    Skype Interview - after 2 weeks
    EV invitation - after a week
    We did our EV in May
    I received my MPNP nomination in Sep
    Received ITA in Sep
    PR submission OCT 1st week

  7. Just to share my experience, When I applied for Morden Strategic Initiative, one of the requirement is an active EE profile . during that time they only accept applicant with current active EE profile and with family. During the EV in Morden, MPNP officer will conduct an interview on the last day of the visit in Winnipeg where you will share your experience and prove that you will be fit in the community. you need to show also that you are interested in Morder to settle and no plan to leave the city. Documents like bank account, ECA, Employment certificate and other more ( Shelly - Morden Immigration coordinator will provide all the list of docs to prepare).

    My EV was delayed for a month since I need to renew my IELTS exam, My EE need to be active during the exploratory visit and interview with the MPNP office.

    I'm not sure if there is another stream/ program for Morden Strategic Initiative where EE is not required.

    I hope I was able to give some idea.
  8. Great!! I had my EV in September and only just submitted my LAA!!
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  9. Hi nicholas, if you dont mind Can I have ur email- ID if I want to discuss ...
  10. Goood luck dear..Whts ur NOC?
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    hello Jaspreet,

    you can ask question on this forum so that other's can also read and could also help just in case they have the same concerns.feel free to ask questions.
  12. all the best, ITA will be around the corner for you..most likely around 2 months.
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  13. As you got ur lucky ticket to Morden , Can u pls tell me that what is the appropriate answer to reply for that y we think that Morden is fit to
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    What I did is I went to Morden official website and read the facts about Morden specially the amenities provided to the community and what the city can offer to it's residence ( including job opportunities).

    Now, we have our living preferences or ideal place for my family to live, I just connect both of them. For me and my wife, Morden is the place that we are really looking for ( we are living in the busy city for the last 15 yrs at least and we are tired of it) . We don't need to exaggerate or make stories so it was easy for us to give the reason why we like Morden.

    I personally believe that there are no appropriate ans for this questions, you just need to speak from your hearth. just try to think that who ever read your ans is doing it as a formal job, they received thousand of applications and only 50 families per year are being selected.

    prove that you are an asset to Morden and you will not leave the place after a couple of yrs living in the city.
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  15. That was pretty fast for you.
    I have applied on 15th October, just received an email that they will get back to me within December 1st and after that nothing from them.
    Is it mandatory that we should not have any relatives in Canada

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