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Manitoba Business Immigration Under PNP-Move out of Manitoba


Dec 3, 2012
i have also applied under this same Manitoba PNP-B programe. which requiers 75000$ as a safety deposit and then 1.5 lac $ to be invested in a business. I submitted my papers in Jan 2013. yet to receive any response from there side for the exploratary visit. If any one else has also applied and have some knowledge please share as it will be of great help.

If anyone wants to discuss regarding PNP-B can contact me at gauravgoyal81@gmail.com or call me +919891246522
Dec 22, 2012
Thanks for sharing information. Actually I had also the same question in mind for a long time anyways you started this thread & I am so happy.


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Dec 16, 2012
anil19 said:
I got canadian Immigration and PR through Manitoba PNP Business Immigration and in Manitoba for the last more than two years. I could not get an appropriate business and even did not get an appropriate job as I am a technically qualified person.Since Manitoba is a smaller province with lesser job opprtunities and other big provinces like Ontario, Alberta and BC must be providing more job opportunities.
My question is whether I can move out of Manitoba to other province of Canada to seek better job opportunities. If so after how much time I can move out of Manitoba.
By doing so please advise whether this action will not affect my PR Status and will not make any effect on obtaining citizenship and PR status will not be disturbed.
I will appreciate if any body can guide me.
You can move to another province at any times from the date you got PR status. Your PR Status and citizenship in the future are not affected by your moving, of course, you will lose $75,000 deposit.According to constitution, Citizen and PR can live, work at anywhere in Canada


Mar 29, 2013
I want to move out of Manitoba as there are many possibilities to get an appropriate job in other provinces. Under these circumstances, whether my PR status will remain maintained and there will be no hurdle in getting citizenship.


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Feb 24, 2017
Also, i have a relevant question here, can he buy already running business for $150K ? this would guarantee him compliance with the rules ana income even it is small.


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May 6, 2016
you can buy, also, if I was him, I would go directly to the manitoba business immigration and ask then.
They would help solve all his questions on this matter, better then any of us.
since he is living there, it is a no brainer, go and ask!