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Manitoba Business Immigration Under PNP-Move out of Manitoba

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by anil19, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hello
    I got canadian Immigration and PR through Manitoba PNP Business Immigration and in Manitoba for the last more than two years. I could not get an appropriate business and even did not get an appropriate job as I am a technically qualified person.Since Manitoba is a smaller province with lesser job opprtunities and other big provinces like Ontario, Alberta and BC must be providing more job opportunities.
    My question is whether I can move out of Manitoba to other province of Canada to seek better job opportunities. If so after how much time I can move out of Manitoba.
    By doing so please advise whether this action will not affect my PR Status and will not make any effect on obtaining citizenship and PR status will not be disturbed.
    I will appreciate if any body can guide me.
  2. Have you met the requirement of the Manitoba PNP for Business?
    Did you invest minimum $150,000 during your two years stay in Manitoba and received refund of security deposit of $75000?
    If yes then you have no obligation to stay in Manitoba and can move out of Manitoba to any other location in Canada without affecting your status.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I deposited $75000 but could not invest $ 150000 due to non availability of appropriate business. I know I am going to lose my deposit. Under these circumstances. Can I move out of Manitoba Province to another province.
  4. Hello Rayani

    I will appeciate if you advise me as per my question
  5. If you have not met the conditions of obtaining PR, then I don't believe you can qualify for citizenship and I believe your PR status will eventually be in jeopardy as well.
  6. I think my question has not been understood.
    I am already PR in Manitoba which I obtained two years back under Business Immigration. During my stay of two years, I could not start business. As per their terms and conditions, they will retain my deposit of $75000 but PR status will not be disturbed. Now In order to get better prospective job opportunities, I want to move out of Manitoba to other Provinces?
    My question is ,whether I can move out of Manitoba after staying in for more than 2 years and my PR status and obtaining Citizenship will not be disturbed.
  7. You will not get your security deposit back.
    The PR status is not conditional in this case so you will maintain your status as PR in Canada.
    I do not suggest that you lose your money.

    Instead it should have been better if you could make the minimum required investment. As soon as you meet the requirement, you can request the refund and then move to other places.
  8. Hello Riyani
    Thank you very much for your reply. I need lot of investment much more than the minimum which is not possible financially. I am left with no other alternative but to lose my deposit.
    I want to move out of Manitoba as there are many possibilities to get an appropriate job in other provinces. Under these circumstances, whether my PR status will remain maintained and there will be no hurdle in getting citizenship.
  9. I am sorry to hear about ur loss of deposit. Can you please share your story in detail. Why made you to choose manitoba and why we're your expectations on starting a biz. What happen and what's the real situation, how bad it is to start biz etc

    This is help all other people in the forum to know why's the reality

    Pls share your story in detail. Other people could save their money
  10. Business opportunities are not lucrative in Manitoba and nothing is available in $150000 and in spite of investing the returns too are not good even somebody invests huge money. There is no alternative but to lose your deposit.
    Under these circumstances, the PR status and getting citizenship should not be disturbed by moving out of Manitoba province after staying two years in Manitoba. This is my question if anybody can clarify this.
  11. Well to answer your question

    Provincial biZ categories gives you Non Consitional pr

    Which means you can move out

    If you had applied under federal, you get conditional or in which if u don't do biz they can take back pr
  12. Thanks. I am in Manitoba for the last more than two years. Is There any time limit to stay in Manitoba or any body can move out after two years.
  13. There is no time limit. You can move out anytime

    Did you apply using a lawyer or all by youraelf
  14. Thanks. I applied through myself.

    If anybody else has different opinion, please suggest and comment upon.

    Hello Rayani

    What are your suggestions? I will appreciate your opinion too.
  15. Have you received letter about the status of your security deposit? Has Manitoba already decided to not refund your security deposit?

    If not discuss with business office in Manitoba about your situation to know your options before you take any step to move to any other place in Canada.

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