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Made an error on PR renewal application...please help!!

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Lilypads2015, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone.

    So I’m pretty sure I didn’t fill out the icu number on the application for renewal. I sent it express 2 weeks ago and haven’t received any email and believe that it was sent back because this information is missing. I am leaving this week on Friday. I am thinking of resending my application before it is returned to me and asking for it it to be processed urgently. I read on this forum that some application were processed in 8 days. My dad is leaving in August and is able to bring me my or card. I am going to include a letter explaining this however, do you think they will not process my card if I tell them that someone else will be carrying it for me overseas. I’m also thinking of perhaps getting it mailed to me as I will be away for 6 weeks and there is enough time for that (although a bit risky). An urgent process will give me enough time to receive the card by a family member however will they not process it if they know this information??

    Thanks everyone and trying not to panic here :(
  2. Others can comment but probably not recommended to mention someone will mail it to you overseas. Obviously IRCC know that this goes on but telling them up front the outcome could be unpredictable so focus on the urgent processing case.

  3. I will not tell them that I am considering mailing it. I think by the time they receive my application I will already be away. Do you think telling them that my dad will bring me the card will make a case for why my application should be processed urgently?
  4. Here’s the list of reasons that they will accommodate urgent processing:

    You don’t seem to fall into any of those categories based on your post, so no, I doubt you will recieve urgent processing. You may also have to deal with picking your card up in person when it’s ready. Just apply for a PRTD when you arrive where ever it is your going.

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