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Longer than 1 year

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by MB from Ott, May 17, 2019.

  1. Thread for people who have applications going (or did go longer but are now complete) longer than 1 year. Share your timelines, actions and anything you know about the wait!

    May 10th, 2018 applicant
    - HKVO, Syrian PA
    - Medical, elegibility and criminality passed
    - Jan 16th all social media usernames requested
    - Jan 16th detailed military service table requested (26 months conscription)
    - Background started Jan 16 (well, that's when it said 'we are processing your background check').
    - Pre-arrival Jan 23 - March 8th notes allude to security screening (5 activities redacted under 'activities' section in notes) s.15 (1) in top right corner of notes... Based on forum searching, I think that means ss is complete.
    - May 10th, GC Key changes to 'your application is taking longer than usual to process'
    - May 10th, filled out webform for local VO
    - May 10th, emailed local MP to ask for assistance in acquiring information from IRCC
    - May 16th, received confirmation from MP that application has passed all stages but is still in 3rd party security processing (so s.15(1) doesn't mean security is complete)
    - Expecting GCMS notes sometime in the next 2 weeks (ordered April 20th) but wont say anything we didn't hear from MP.

    Anyone else go through a similar situation? How long did it take? (I know each case is different, still nice to hear from other people's experiences). Anything else we can do?
  2. We are February 21, 2018 applicants. There is no sign that our application will be completed soon.

    Eligibility (10/2018) and criminality (01/2019) are passed but the background check has been ongoing since January 16. We are stuck in security screening, my mp told me to contact them if we haven’t got PPR by the 15th month. I doubt they will be able to do much but I’ll contact them next week.
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  3. Thanks for sharing your details. Where is the PA from? Any military background?
  4. He is from Algeria, he was exempted from military service. The extended security check might be because he traveled a lot but it’s pure speculation on our part.
  5. That's the hardest part, isn't it. The speculation. Well, thanks again for sharing & goodluck with the eventual PPR! Let us know when you finally receive it!
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  6. Hi there

    We are over one year as well
    May5/2018 applicant
    Both Palestinians and my husband currently residing in Dubai

    We received a PFL letter and we did respond to it .. yesterday we got pre arrival invitation letter .. which normally means that eligibility has passed but we are still doubting things and not sure what does prearrival mean at this stage ! .. hopefully we will get Good news soon

    Good luck
  7. Hi Hana, you only got the PFL recently, right? I think I recall that from the May discussion group. May I ask what it was directed at? Have you been able to contact your local MP in Canada? They would be able to help get the info of what stage your application is in/if your documents have been accepted/approved in response to PFL.
    • The application was received at the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga (CPC-M), Ontario, on May 1, 2018.
    • The initial assessment to ensure the sponsor meets all the sponsorship requirements was finalized on August 9, 2018.
    • The assessment for the applicant has been finalized on February 12, 2019 at the Canadian visa office in Vienna, Italy.
    • The medical examination results are on file and valid until September 5, 2019.
    • The criminality verifications are currently valid.
    • The security verifications have not been initiated.
    • As per note on file dating from May 7, 2019, the file is currently being reviewed by an immigration officer. The applicant will be contacted shortly regarding further steps.
    • As per our current processing times, most applications in this category are processed in a timeframe of 12 months. Various factors can affect the time it takes to process an application. Rest assured that all efforts are being made to ensure efficient processing of the application.
  8. He is a syrian refugee in Germany. I am canadian
  9. If spouse is in the military the processing times are often longer and same thing for areas where security screening may be more difficult. 1 year is only a target. Many sponsorships take longer. Requiring an interview often makes process longer. Any cases where marriages may have been arranged and spouses have not much time in person together can delay sponsorship. There is nothing that anyone an do until it unless the process takes significantly longer.
  10. I imagine the same for those who have formerly been in the military, even if it was conscription. My husband is currently in security screening... I just wonder how long they wait for any info from Syria...
  11. Says yours is being reviewed currently though, hopefully that is promising! And no security started, so hopefully not required for you guys!
  12. Who knows. It could be a long time. The fact that he is also a refugee will also raise concerns about your marriage unless he has been granted the right to stay in Germany forever. Don't think you can place a timeline on a case like yours.
  13. That's @Yuyu889988 's case. Hopefully they will see progress soon, but you're right, we can't put a time line on any of these cases.
  14. I imagine information from syria would be hard to obtain. But i hope you wont have to wait any longer.

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