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LMIA application processing time?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fredde587, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Team

    I have Intracompany transfer visa from a Company A. I found another company B , that's willing to apply for LMIA. Has any one gone through similar scenario like mine. I like to understand the process.

    Any help information is much appreciated.

  2. It just says above the provincial median. If it was only per postition then anyone who works an 12 dollar an hr job would be high wage if their position had a median of 11 dollars an hr. But 12hr isnt high wage when set against the provincial median of 25 hr.

    But i may be wrong if someone can clarify?
  3. Oh, so the 10 weeks estimation is real. Please post here or DM me when you get your WP so we can compare our timelines.
    Valeu mano/mina.
  4. For sure.

    BTW, the correct processing times for Brazil is 9 weeks not 11.

    I'm a "mano" ;D
  5. Thank Sandra... my employer has applied for lmia n next week they hopefully will get file no.. now my wait has started...
  6. Hi i have applied LMIA in retail sales supervisor from alberta in may end.... I got my file number on july 11.........Does any one have an idea when shall my employer get an interview call.... because i am on implied status right now ? then i will be on restoration period till december....? or do i need to apply for visitor visa ? your answer would be very helpful to me... thanx guys
  7. My employer sent out the application on Aug 22nd, it is for dual intent LMIA. My work location is in Toronto. Hopefully we could get a positive result soon! I heard right now average processing speed for ESDC St John is one to two months for LMIA.
  8. Thanks for your reply, I am asking coz my employer wants to apply for LMIA for me. So I thought I can get some advice from someone who had done so.
  9. Does that means, high and low wage positions have different requirements for advertisement? My current position pay is above median wage of area but below province's median wage.
  10. Hey guys
    Please tell me anyone get positive lmia those applied in June 2016 for noc 6311 (food service supervisor).
    I am too much worried about my lmia.
  11. I agree with you Playtheman.
  12. Exactly looking at this my NOC 6311 median wage is $13 in Manitoba. But I will still fall under Lower wages coz Provincial median wages are $19 something.
  13. I have same NOC gill sahab but yet to file LMIA. Is yours is DUAL lmia n if yes, which province?
  14. Hey guys, i could be wrong but i read somewhere on cic site that first go with the territory wage if your area doesnt have one go with provincial median wage if that also not then go with national wage database, that is the reason i guess they insist so much for job bank cause it gives us the territorial median for the particular occupation or NOC.
    But As I mentioned It could be wrong , but my employer applied for a lmia the median wage was $23.14 they applied for high wage and it got approved as the median wage for alberta was $25,this was my main concern and that was why i started researching and believing that median wage of your territory is the loop hole that we all are missing.
  15. I have same NOC gill sahab but yet to file LMIA. Is yours is DUAL lmia n if yes, which province?

    It's a daul lmia for British Columbia

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