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LMIA application processing time?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fredde587, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Just wondering what the normal processing time would be for a high waged job ( $28 ) in the oil fields in alberta? My employer sent in the application today what should I be expecting?
  2. Be prepared for a 12 week wait. If you get it sooner then great but expecting it sooner is asking for misery. Good luck!
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  3. damn i figured would be much faster, wallet is gonna be pretty much empty lol
  4. You never know @fredde587. Not many persons have been posting the results of LMO/LMIA applications since the changes. When your process is completed please share your information
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  5. My lawyer told me that it is only 15 days approval in Alberta noc 0631 restaurant manager

  6. How accurate is this?

    I am in alberta with noc 0631, I'm currently on day 15 ince my application started.

    Are you waiting still?
  7. ^^^ this is the accurate answer, unless the position has a wage of $49 per hour or above in which case it would be processed in a few days.
  8. $24.50 an hour.

    Not quite the high wage but I believe its above the median for the province.
  9. It is in the high wage category but this alone doesn't make it qualify for expedited processing, since it's not a high demand NOC, you'd need a much higher wage for it to happen, as mentioned above.

    However, I think it's best waiting a bit longer but have a positive answer than get expedited processing and receive a negative one. A very high wage, higher than what would be expected for the position offered and/or for the specific employer, could potentially do more harm than good. So keep being patient and good luck with the outcome!
  10. I'm not trying to speed anything up by any means,

    Just letting it takes it course and waiting it out!

    I know its classed as a high wage for this particular job type but not as an overall wage in alberta.

    My permit expires the 4th of September, ill probably have to change to visitor for a couple of weeks, extended vacation time :)
  11. Yep, sounds good ;D
  12. Yeah, ive heard of situations where employers have given their employee an unbelievable pay increase to fall within certain pay criteria and it just makes it worse..

    upto 12 weeks? I can do that!

    Thanks, even if its not accurate, to have more of at timeline is better, especially after hearing some people have been waiting 6-7 months :/
  13. If you already have LMIA case number you dont need to stop working. Just apply for work permit extencion. You will probably get 2 months wp extencion. You have to apply 2 weeks before yours current wp expiry date.



  14. I was previously told that because my work permit is through IEC canada, that i cannot extend my work permit?
  15. Correct. IECs are different from other work permits. They don't benefit from implied status. So you have to stop working as soon as your IEC expires if you don't have a new work permit already approved.

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