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Landing second time in Canada alongwith PR Card

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by info4sourav, Jun 27, 2018.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply. I am trying to get an International Driving permit so as to be able to drive a vehicle (even if it's rented) if required for, in the initial few days. Does it help in any way to get a license in Canada in due course?

    As per the developments taking place at my end, I may have to go to a small town called Timmins, in Northern Ontario. I hope the place has centres for applying for health cards and driving licenses.
  2. Timmins is a m smaller mid-sized town in northern Ontario definitely at least one service Ontario site (actually 2!) and a DMV. It is small but not that small. They have a hospital. Would try and secure a family doctor. That could be challenging.
  3. dear all!

    i intend to travel to toronto in very near future from my home country for the 2nd time for permanent relocation, after a gap of about 1.5 year. About 1.5 year earlier i did a soft landing of about 1 week (immediately within one month of having COPR )

    According to my understanding, i need to keep following documentss handy for staff at toronto airport,
    1) PR card
    2) passport
    3) Goods to follow list

    Please let me know if any other documents are required ? Also let me know what other type of questions can i expect from the staff ? or will the gap of 1.5 years will cause any problem to me entry to the canada ?

    Thanks a lot
  4. You need your PR card and passport ready when you check in and before you can board your plane to Canada. The staff will probably ask you why you are absent from Canada this long.
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  5. Hi, i also did my soft landing in 2018 for 1 week. Now i will be moving permanently after approx 1.2years. So according to the website, it says I can drive with International driving permit for 60 days. Was wondering if my 60 days started once i did my soft landing or 60 days depends on the number of days you have lived in ontario?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, did your manage to rent a car on your international license?

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