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Landing second time in Canada alongwith PR Card

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by info4sourav, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Hello friends,

    My wife and I, will be making the final move to Canada this July. Before this, we had made a short landing in 2016 and received our PR cards. I would like to know about the following and request you to kindly enlighten me based on your personal experiences and knowledge.

    1) While we will travel through the airports at our home country (India) and Canada, will our PR cards suffice the need for visa or any similar formality? Do we just need to carry our passports and PR cards, alongwith the tickets at both the places?

    2) For second time entry, do we again need to declare funds at the airport of entry at Canada? we had already done so while first landing there.

    3) I understand that it takes minimum of 3 months to get Health Cards (in provinces like Ontario), keeping it in mind we have got an insurance coverage of 4 months. is there anything else that we need to keep in mind in relation to this?

    4) Before applying for a local driving license, I intend to apply for an International License at my home country . does anyone have experience of getting International Driving License at India and how does it work in Canada? with an International License, can someone drive a private vehicle?

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  2. Hi Sourav,

    Thank you for sharing your questions. I would like to learn these too. Before, you had these answers. Can you also share your experience of short landing ? I want to understand what should be done for 1st time short landing ? Can you have a checklist for sharing ? Thanks.
  3. Hi,

    Our short landing was a hassle free experience. We had landed at Toronto airport and straightaway went to the designated section for newly arrived immigrants /PR holders. We had our COPR copies and passports with us. The officials over there were extremely courteous and helpful. Within half an hour the entire process of registering our entry and issuance of SIN were done. You need to provide a local address where you intend to stay, as that's the one where the PR cards are sent to, once they are ready.

    Also, in order to declare the funds carried by us, we were asked to visit a separate section. That too was a fast process, wherein the officials asked us about the details of the funds carried by us and record it in a form provided by them.

  4. Bump for an answer
  5. 1. For entry into Canada and movement within Canada, PR card and Passport is enough. Do check transit visa requirements if you have a layover.

    2. No. You don't need to provide POF this time
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  6. Re 2nd point, you don't need to provide POF anytime- I had circa 7 families touchdown at Pearson last week, and none were asked !
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  7. CBSA expects you to carry POF. It's upto individual officers' discretion if he/she wants to check POF or not. I did landing in Dec 2017 and my POF were thoroughly checked.
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  8. He is talking about landing with pr cards not his first landing
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  9. I know. I was replying to this post - "Re 2nd point, you don't need to provide POF anytime- I had circa 7 families touchdown at Pearson last week, and none were asked !"
  10. So do they ask about pof if you land with your permanent residency card???
  11. Terrific- I concur with you that expect you to. However, over 75% of those 'landing' just don't carry enough cash or proof.
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  12. No. They don't. POF are required only at the time of first landing to activate PR.
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  13. And you don't usually refer to you 2nd time a "landing".
  14. International driving licence will be a very good idea. Just attention in Ontario it is only valid for 60 days after you settle there.
    But it will allow you to borrow a car and to drive it during that time while trying to get at least G2.

    You do not need POF, but you need to declare any sum of money above 10k per person that you bring in to Canada.
    In order to get a health card you need to have:
    your PR card, your passport or a driving licence (Canadian of course) and a document of proof of your address (for example rental contract. Funny is, that a future rental contract is not accepted unless it already started.
    Be also aware that OIHP will not cover everything (you have to pay for a dentist separately).
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  15. So is a temporary rental address accepted for ohip?also will an international driving license be accepted even if i did my soft landing before?

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