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Landing in Toronto and PR Card address in Vancouver

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Rishi_CI, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    Slightly weird situation of mine. I am planning to land in Toronto for a softlanding and try and sort out stuff like bank accounts etc.

    I have following Questions, apologies if they sound dumb:
    • Is it okay to give the address of my relative in Vancouver for PR, while landing in Toronto
      • I am planning to settle either in Toronto or Vancouver, based on the job
    • Also I have lived in Toronto for whole of 2011, would my earlier SIN number be still valid?
    • Would I have to re-register for my health card (if I get a job and stay back) in Toronto
  2. 1. Yes. That's ok.
    2. Your SIN will need to be updated regardless, as you will have a permanent one issued.
    3. You will need to re-register or at least have your immigration information updated.
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  3. Thanks a lot
  4. hi

    Regarding the question 1: is it fine any address within Canada is fine? Such as in Montreal ( relative's address..)
  5. No. Do not offer any address in Quebec if you are not in possession of a CSQ. Quebec has it's own immigration requirements and you do NOT want to imply that you are going there when you are landing, or CBSA may refuse to land you. Find someone else, to be on the safe side...
  6. If you are doing a soft landing you won’t meet the ohip residency rules so only apply if you are staying permanently. Otherwise wait until you move back for good.
  7. thanks for the info.
    So it also means I cannot consider to land in Montreal right?
  8. You can land in Quebec as long as you give the CBSA officer an address outside or otherwise convince them that you are not intending to settle in Quebec.

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