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Landing experience in Montreal, Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by anipande, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Hi all - My overall landing experience and formalities post that was awesome.
    My advise is to travel early and not to wait till end moment of your visa dates.
    I have traveled with my wife & daughter on 9th October from Mumbai , India...long flight via Frankfurt and its better to travel mid of the week on weekdays...flight s not crowded and tickets are manageable.
    Our flight from Frankfurt got delayed by 1.5 hrs so we reached at Montreal airport around 1:30 PM...went to digital machines for scanning passport post that to immigration 2 area.
    After entrance we took number and waited to be called ...we were called after 10 mints at counter.
    Officer asked for CORP , passports and asked about available cash...I told him its short visit 5 days and told him I have more that 10K CAD on bank and cash of 750 CAD.
    He asked to sign our CORP
    He asked us to wait for 5 mints then called again and gave stamped CORP.
    Later we have been asked to go to Quebec window and that officer was so nice..asked for CSQ , CORP & passport and gave very useful information on overall settlements.

    All done in max 20 minutes , we went to baggage claim and then took taxi to Airbnb reserved place.
    Suggest everyone to stay in downtown Montreal and book a home via Airbnb.
    Next day we went to Service canada & got SIN number in 10 mints.

    Overall awesome experience , feel free to connect in case of any questions / help anyone has !.

    Welcome to Quebec and Canada !!!
  2. Assuming you had other proof of savings because 11K doesn’t meet the POF necessary for 3 people.
  3. No proof being asked as such.
  4. You somehow got very lucky. You were supposed to prove that you still had the funds available that you had to prove during your application. Somewhere around 17k for 3 people if I remember correctly.

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