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Landing experience in Montreal, Canada


Dec 16, 2010
Hi all - My overall landing experience and formalities post that was awesome.
My advise is to travel early and not to wait till end moment of your visa dates.
I have traveled with my wife & daughter on 9th October from Mumbai , India...long flight via Frankfurt and its better to travel mid of the week on weekdays...flight s not crowded and tickets are manageable.
Our flight from Frankfurt got delayed by 1.5 hrs so we reached at Montreal airport around 1:30 PM...went to digital machines for scanning passport post that to immigration 2 area.
After entrance we took number and waited to be called ...we were called after 10 mints at counter.
Officer asked for CORP , passports and asked about available cash...I told him its short visit 5 days and told him I have more that 10K CAD on bank and cash of 750 CAD.
He asked to sign our CORP
He asked us to wait for 5 mints then called again and gave stamped CORP.
Later we have been asked to go to Quebec window and that officer was so nice..asked for CSQ , CORP & passport and gave very useful information on overall settlements.

All done in max 20 minutes , we went to baggage claim and then took taxi to Airbnb reserved place.
Suggest everyone to stay in downtown Montreal and book a home via Airbnb.
Next day we went to Service canada & got SIN number in 10 mints.

Overall awesome experience , feel free to connect in case of any questions / help anyone has !.

Welcome to Quebec and Canada !!!