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>>>>>>>>June 2019 AOR<<<<<<<Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, May 30, 2019.

  1. @legalfalcon Kindly add me to AOR:June 2019
    WhatsApp group.

    Waiting for your swift response
  2. Are we getting any good news on start of new weekend?
  3. We are waiting....patiently
  4. Are there any other MPs like Ralph who could check on our behalf. No calls to CIC from outside Canada is quite frustrating...
  5. Hello,

    Could someone please add me into June AOR?
  6. Hi Guys, Question!!
    I saw 2 ghost updates, one on Oct 7 and second on Oct 8.

    After calling CIC today, agent advised that application is still under criminality check and there is no update as such. (my application is under that criminality since MEP. She also said, 6 months processing time does not apply on my file since it is in the LVO and application processing may take 6-10 months.

    Is it Normal? Because usually I have seen movement of file whenever there is a ghost update for other people.

    AOR- May 19 (CEC)
  7. Hello,

    Please add me to the group. 91-9095750340
  8. You can call using TextNow app. I did the same. Just enter 416 in desired area code. And then you will get a Canadian number. Then you can call ircc for free.
    Even I saw this suggestion on some other forum and did the same.
  9. can you add this number in whatsApp for Jun AOR group :: 7016024005
  10. My AOR is 16 Jun 2019
    Medical done : 23 July 2019
    Biometrc done 27 July 2019
    Background : in progress
    Eligibility : in progress

    I applied from India. I called CIC office in canada for status update today. they said the file is in new Delhi. file in not in canada . So they can not update me about my status.

    What does it mean? is there any issue? why my file is not in canda ?
  11. Hi...thanks...I followed your advice and trying to dial 888-242-2100...but the call is just dialling and nothing else
  12. Did you cal before also ?
  13. the applications are distributed amongst different processing centers depending upon workload. Yours is one such case where the processing will be done by local VO - New Delhi (NDVO). There is nothing to worry about.
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  14. Hi but I have heard the NDVO takes are 10 months to process the application and its very slow. can anyone share their experience ?
  15. can you add this number in whatsApp for Jun AOR group :: 7016024005

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