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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I sent the old one because in returned package they clearly stated it should contain "02-2018" at the bottom of checklist.So,i added country specific form which was missing and somehow wasn't generated when i prepared application so got returned.Anyways,I added and sent the old one.Fingers crossed.
  2. Application received today by CPC Mississauga
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  3. My older one was at Mississauga and my checklist was old too so as per older checklist the address is still Mississauga.So i thought why take a risk so i sent to Mississauga as per the letter.Application was returned before so thats why.
    Hope they wont return again I am .All the way back in queue again
  4. Hi Friends,

    I am the sponsor and i have completed all the forms, i have question regarding the date field that is available on these forms. Can i put todays date for the sponsor and principal applicant, validate the forms and take prints. After that i will send those forms for signature to India, where principal applicant is living.

    that should not be any problem right ? or should the PA should handwrite the date when she is signing it?


    would appreciate your help.
  5. Also, can i submit the medicals upfront for my wife? or do i need to wait until they ask for the medical request?
  6. Basically date will be when the signs are done. It is okay to leave it blank and when pa signs they put that day's date with pen and then sponsor can do same. Again, it is the date when actual signatures are done and it must be different if both partners reside in two different countries.
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  7. Medical are not needed upfront. To do medical you will need medical request letter from immigration which comes at later date.
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  8. Thank you. i will leave it blank and i guess there is no validation check for that field and will take a print out.
  9. Thanks you boss.
  10. Hello,

    I sent my application May 30th and was delivered on June 1st. No news yet.
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  12. I have made a big mistake, i sent my application to mississauga instead of Sydney NS, what should i do now? my application reached mississauga today

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