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  1. What do you think the minimum amount of wait time is, start to finish? Also, once you get word of being accepted, how much time do you have until you have to arrive in Canada? I'm debating whether I should take on a teaching contract in a third country while we wait. I would be in Asia and my husband would stay in Egypt. He can't visit me in Canada and I have had enough of Egypt! Cheaper for me to fly to visit him and he would be able to come to me.
  2. IRCC said they will process 80% of applications in 12 months or less. But depends of the case, for some couples takes more than 12 months. We also plan to live in a third country while we wait for the application. My country is very dangerous, even more for foreigners so my hubby can't come. And i can't go to Canada because they rejected my visa in 2017 and they will reject me again if i apply one more time.
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    Did you have to write about that in your application? If you (the applicant) will live in another country, you will have to provide a criminal record check for the third country.
    I'm a teacher. When I wrote about my intentions for returning to Canada, I said I was going to put myself on the substitute list for September. I started the spouse sponsorship back in January with full intention to move back in September. The process of collecting papers took us much longer so that is no longer true if I have to be away from my husband that long. I would like him to live in Asia with me but I think we'll have to stick to visits in case it complicates things.
  4. We wrote in the application that we are planning to see each other in July. We didn't wrote we plan to live together in a third country because first my husband needs to get the approval at work of his permit to leave for a few months and I'm waiting the approval of a work visa for that other country. If everything results as we plan we will need to notify to IRCC about my change of address, phone number, etc. My husband won't stay the whole year with me because his primary source of income is in Canada
  5. That person's info was entered in error. I asked them about it myself. They were actually an April applicant.

    Average right now for AOR is roughly 40 days with a lot of us in the 37-39 day range. If only it took 13 days.
  6. So it is ok to change plans after having sent information? Who would you contact?
  7. Apparently, there was an error on his immitracker information....

    Yes, we'll see if Sydney is faster or about the same as Mississauga.
  8. Hopefully everyone's applications will be processed in a short amount of time. :)
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  9. That would be ideal for the applicants if the processing time was shorter... :)
  10. Resent my application to Mississauga on June 12th.Expected date of delivery is June 15th.Lets hope for the best this time
  11. As long as the IRCC is notified, it's possible to move. We sent the IMM 5475 form with our application, that form allows my husband to contact IRCC and change my address in case of moving
  12. What it shows is PA Visa office. Probably they are from USA. Most of the time their applications are processed in Mississauga
  13. Hello!
    Which checklist did you sent? The one that was updated this month or the old one?
  14. Hi all, I just send the application in and it got received 14th June
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