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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Don't you worry the checklist was updated early June and CIC gave some buffer for the applicants. So you're good
  2. they have not mentioned they will accept it anywhere.. should i send the new package to nova scotia right away? or should i wait for the package to come back? i spoke to cic and they said they have no idea. they said write an letter and they will decide on what to do with the application
  3. Did you sent the old forms?
    We had a similar problem. The day they changed the checklist our application was on the way to Mississauga. We contacted IRCC, they said they would receive non updated applications for a while but didn't specified for how many days. That was on June 8th.
  4. i spoke to cic this morning again and they said it will be sent to nova scotia directly. they have given us 30 days grace period. hope they dont delay it now. hoping NS is faster in processing the application.
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  5. Hi all,
    application sent to NS and received on 20th June.
  6. it seems may mid applications getting AOR1 , hope for the best for all
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  7. Hi guys can someone add me to the chat group please
  8. We just submitted our papers today and received by R Mahmood. But we sent the old forms. This is our second time sending as per the first one was we missed the NOA.( April ) Can someone tell me if they will return again our package just because of the old forms? We printed out and answer it about last year of october. I was just thinking that they could have been advise us to use the new forms for 2018 February right since they updated it February but they gi
  9. Didn’t. Can someone help us coz this could have been very frustrating if they will return it for the third time just because of the old forms. Thank you
  10. When they returned you the first application did they sent you a letter that why they are returning?They always indicate on the letter that which updated forms you should send for resubmitting it.

    Dont worry,you will be fine
  11. Yes they did. And they indicated that we missed 1 document which is the NOA.

  12. My Notice of assessment.
  13. Which forms did you sent? February?
  14. They also state on the letter that as per this month resubmit updated forms.Maybe they could have asked for February updated forms depending when your application was returned.Hopefully you should be alright if you followed the letter instructions.

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