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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. what did they ask you for?
  2. Just received Aor2 email on June 21 and nothing else.
    What about you?
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    i applied in june 2018. italy received our file and started processing in Oct 2018. bu t they actually started working on 13th june on my file when i received pre arrival and pcc request.

    meanwhile i had a baby girl in November, her birth certificate was sent to immigration in November itself with a request to expedite our case. my husband applied a trv as well so that he could be with us during my delivery, but get refused.

    then Me and baby finally travelled to him and i update immigration with some pictures, boarding passes and travel pages of passport. after 3 days of that email, they sent me PA and updated PCC request.
    we already sent those and as per GC key and Courier notes they already received those on 24th june, but never heard anything after.

    every single day without him, raising m kids at my own is killing me. we always are on whatsapp video calls, but i can feel his pain being away from his little daughter, missing all the new things she's learning, she's already 7 months and watching me doing everything at my own.

    i feel really depressed about it now.

    i really hope they send me PPR and to all others genuine couples who have been going through this hassle, so they all could unit with their families..
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  4. I feel your pain! I’ve gone through two deliveries without my husband and then having to travel to him on my own with little kids..! I’ve had to split my time between Canada and Qatar (where my husband lives), and it has been so so difficult! Hoping to hear some news soon!
  5. two deliveries... you might have different processing time than us.
    i would n't blame IRCC for this. this all is happening because of those people who just marry to immigrate to Canada. because of few of those guys every genuine couple is suffering.

    i was patient till june 26 because i was prepared that it will take a year, but now everyday is like a year. i really pray for every genuine couple so that they can unite with their families soon.
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  6. krrish, it seems like you have good knowledge about immigration process.

    if you can please assist me, im june 26, 2018 applicant.

    they started working on our file on 13th june. i believe cause i received Pre- arrival on that day. after an hour another email that our background check has started and a request for updated PCC. the due date was 12th july. we already sent PCC(has no criminal record at all). now what?

    what is left now?

    so does this mean we are almost approve and we just have to wait for PPR or we should send a web form enquiry respectfully that our processing time has passed.

    please advise.
  7. congratulations....
  8. share ur timeline plz congrats

  9. No IRCC isn’t to blame...we applied late because it took us soooo long to get all the documentation together! It’s been a year this June, so still waiting...

    I thought it would take MAX a year cuz I kept hearing other people’s cases and how they were processed in less than 12 months. So I was also prepared for the one year...was not prepared for it taking more than a year.
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  10. Application received: June 5, 2018
    Medical request: July 17
    Medical result and Police clearance : August 1
    October 27- Transferred to LVO
    November 27- processed the application
    June 27- Pre arrival service
    July 11- PPR
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  11. well congrats stay blessed...pray for us i got PA on 26march n still no update
  12. Hello,

    Can someone please help and advise what I should do in my case.
    Application Received June 20, 2018
    AOR September 21
    MR November 22
    MR received November 29
    Since then it has been more than 7 months without any update/notifications/requests.

    I sent an email to request for an update 2 weeks ago but have not received a response.

  13. same with us. as our file still at sydney.. and most of files not transferred
  14. its 14th month going on and its very hard to stay like this. and yes MP is involved but still no updates

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