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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. I am not sure but have read somewhere on the forum as the processing centre has changed aftr june 6th. They will redirect the apps to sydney NS for few buffer days.
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  2. And yes sounds like aor. Please try to link your app and let us know what happens.
    And you can join june whats app group with this link.
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  3. Applied for my husband, application was received on June 22, 2018 in Nova Scotia.
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  4. Wow .. congratulations!
    How did you get such quick service? Did you slip a few extra dollars in with the application? ;):D
  5. Hahaha, I'm surprised by it myself! But it was a sweet surprise. :D So hopefully the rest of the June applicants will receive their AOR1 soon.
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  6. Yes, finally! It went to Canada Post on Saturday. With 2-day express post, it arrived in Sydney on Thursday.
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  7. great !
    you can join the whatsapp group for this
    the link is in one of the threads here
  8. Any June 11 or 12 applicants here?
  9. Nephew received AOR email with UCI and Application # acknowledged application received on May 22/18.
    How applicant/sponsor would know which VO is file transferred? I think they will send another letter indicating it.
  10. First thing, you need to be patient.
    IRCC will send out the file transfer email WHEN it's time.
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  11. That is good! :)
  12. Patience is THE word for this process hehehe
  13. I have a question there was a form that says sign electronically by typing your name. So we just typed name there were we supposed to sign manually. anyone else has done the the same?
  14. i think we are screwed :(
  15. You might want to post questions to April 2018 group. :) If your nephew’s application was received in April and AOR1 in May :) You will be able to see where people who applied at similar times are at with their applications and they can help you more. :) But from my knowledge from the forum, they will update GCKEY and send an email to principal applicant with this info generally 2 weeks or less time after principal applicant receives medical request however sometimes if the application stays in Mississauga, some applicants have actually not been receiving VO emails, but there will be an update in online account saying background check in progress

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