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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Any AoR today?
    Please update!!!
  2. It's not at all uncommon for people who applied after you to get AOR, SA, DM etc first.
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    @kcward7 ,
    When do you think is the best time to order GCMS notes?
  4. Never, IMO, unless something is really out of whack, like it's been 11 or 12 months and you haven't heard anything.

    Ordering GCMS notes isn't going to change anything, and will actually slow things down (albeit not significantly).

    I never bothered because I didn't want to wreck my head.

    That being said, I know people are antsy and curious, so I think if your file has been at the VO for a few months and you hadn't seen any movement, that may be the time.
  5. Thank you four your opinion, much appreciated.
    I am sure you are right.


  6. My application package was received on June 26th, at CIC office Sydney NS. Waiting for AOR1.

    good luck to everyone.
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  7. Are u sure? But the agent from Mississauga confirmed to me that they will return my application. How true is that?
  8. There is a grace period but if they told you it's been sent back, then it's been sent back
  9. Well duh. That's obvious. I was curious to know what some factors are to make it go faster.
  10. Some agents are more efficient or have smaller workloads. That's obvious.
  11. How did you contact agents?
    What they ask you to get details about your file?
  12. Hi,

    I was just browsing here. I am my 16th applicant. We were also worried about the same IMM form. We didnt sign it by hand and we thought that it will get returned but everything went fine. There is also another applicant on May thread that did not sign it by hand and both of us were approved and they didnt ask for it again. It depends on the officer that will handle your case. Let's hope that the officer that will handlr your papers is nice and they will not return yours.
  13. i spoke to cic right now, asking them if they got my application, since i sent it to cic-m instead of cic-s, the officer was so nice, he took my personal information along with my wifes name and dob, he confirmed to me that the application was received on june 19 and its already in cic-s. he said i should get an email soon with aor, as my email was updated recently in their system.
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  14. how did you contact them? what phone number?

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