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****JUNE 2018 INLAND Application****

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcsr, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Hi guys,

    June has just started so I couldn't find a thread for those who are sending the application this month.

    My husband and I just sent our application by xpresspost and the package just got to Mississauga.

    Wishing everyone good luck! And hoping to hear everyone's progress :)
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  2. We submitted our inland + OWP app by xpresspost on Monday, June 4th, received June 5th. Now we wait ....
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  3. i sent mine 1 june friday received 4 june monday when i should expect mail from them im so impatient lol
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  4. I sent mine on June 8, haven't received yet.
    now it is a long waiting game.
    good look to everyone :)
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  5. I believe it takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive an e-mail back... I'm not sure actually
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  6. hi how did you know your application was received? Will they email you and let you know they get your application or they will mail you a letter ? thanks !
  7. Hi, My application has been received by Missisaugua on 4th June. It will take 4-6 weeks to get the AOR email.
    Has anyone sent the Open work permit application Also. If yes, Have you sent the documents as per IMM 5556. Cause there are very few documents that can be sent as per IMM 5556. Did anyone of you attach any additional documents too.
  8. You can check the delivery status of an xpresspost package at the Canada Post website.

    IRCC will open the package in a few weeks, and may return it for any number of reasons. If that happens, you won't know anything until it arrives in the sponsor's mailbox. If they accept that the forms are correctly filled out, and the fees have been paid, they will start processing and send out an acknowledgement email - this is known as AOR.
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    Congrats! We also just submitted our application for inland common-law sponsorship and OWP via xpresspost on June 13th, 2018.

    I'll be following along here and updating our progress as we go.

    A heads up to others looking to submit soon, forms IMM 5525 (Document Checklist) and IMM 0008 (General Application Form) were updated in the past few days (June 2018).
  10. Hi, could you please info as to what all documents you submitted with the OWP application. Was it only as per the checklist IMM 5556 or some other too.
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    We provided form IMM 5710, an explanation letter for some of the fields that required additional detail (for example, it asks for 10 year employment history, but the form only allows 3 entries), and a copy of the receipt showing the fees were paid.
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  12. Ok thanks, I did something similar.
  13. Hi..my husband is a permanent resident in canada and im a greencard holder..i came to canada last january and we got married..but i came back to hawaii last february..and now,we are planning to be together(which is the noramal husband and wife does). And we heard about the inland application.What’s bothering me to is,are they gonna question me for having only one way ticket? or do i have to tell them that we are doing the inland?..any thoughts?.tHankYou

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