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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. AOR June 8th. i see other asked the same question. when i should ask for visa office ?
  2. First and foremost, if you dont want your application to get refused and returned because of incompleteness(R10 check), please send in your IELTS and WES immediately. For WES you should ensure that IRCC gets the e-delivery of your WES report through the WES system

    On the other hand.
    you should wait for atleast a month to start talking with CIC to understand where your application is at... when you speak with them...
    - ask whether your eligibility is done and if yes what’s the decision
    - ask whether your BGC has started or no
    - you can ask them if they are aware about the visa office where the application is getting g processed at

    Don’t bug them so early for these questions...
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  3. Hi Guys AOR June 6th, Pls add me to the whats app group pls, My number is +1 2505727153
  4. Thank you for the reply! The thing is I did continuous part time teaching assistant jobs for years. And I mentioned it in my work permit application... That's why I am so concerned about it, CIC will figure out the discrepancy... Not sure if CIC would have access to tax files, but if they do, they will see some T4 history (for the campus job) which I didn't mention in my application...
  5. Anyway, I hope my special case enquiry could solve this issue... God, waiting is killing me!!
  6. I consultant submit my express entry file on 1 june after approval of bcpnp.plz add me on wats up 919501938506
  7. AOR 8th June. Add me to group +1708-830-1706
  8. Hey andy
    AOR 5 june
    +91 9915639052
    Please add me
  9. Hi,

    AOR 5 June 2018.
    Please add me +27 83 5471833
  10. hey experts, i got my eAOR on june 1st Canadian experience class just wondering how long it will take for the next steps and what are the next steps?

    really appreciated your help and response
    thank you
    and can you please add me in whats app group for AOR june 1st CEC inland
  11. Hi @andy108
    Please add me to the whatsapp group.
  12. One query -

    Why knowing my 'Visa office' is imporant? How does it impact the processing time?
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  13. Just give you an idea, I’m also CEC but my aor is 04.03 medical will usually pass in two weeks mine medical passed two weeks later. And when medical is passed, they start to do eligibility and no estimated time and then bgc no estimated time. Between medical passed and ppr usually there is no update until final ppr. My CEC friends all had 3 months wait. So if everything is smooth, you would get ur ppr before end of September
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  14. hey strikeharsh,
    ,did you received your ppr and how i would know that my medical is passed and pcc background check is done, am i going to get email from them, secondly,My application is through PNP Express Entry besides that my friend's application took him only 2 months for everything even after he was asked for additional documents. and is there a difference in processing time in the PNP fedral application and express entry application ?
    and thanks for your response.

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