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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. ITA: May 23rd
    AOR: June 8th
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  2. Call IRCC is your best bet. We would know nothing
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  3. AOR june 1st CEC R u in FSW
  4. Plz add me on wataup 919501938506
  5. ITA- 9th May
    AOR - 10th June
    Let's hope for the best :) Good luck everyone!
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  6. Hi team,

    Congratulations all on ITA n submission of application EAOR.

    Andy - rec eAOR on 7th June

    Pls add me to whatsapp group.

  7. ITA - April 11
    AOR - June 8
  8. AOR on June 9th. Anyone else worried they've screwed something up on the app? :confused:
  9. LOL! ME!
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  10. CONSTANTLY! :p

    ITA: May 9, 2018
    AOR: June 12, 2018
    Stream: FSW
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  11. Experts Please! Need a Guidance:
    I am living in China since 2008 but originally from India. I studied in China since 2008 to 2013. After graduation in 2013, I found a full-time job and started working. My company couldn't change my visa status for 3 years and I continued to work full-time on a student visa. I got a student visa from one university but worked full-time in a company. Later in 2016, the company managed to change my visa status from Student to Work permit. My company already gave me an experience letter stating that I worked with them over 5 years but I am worried that whether CIC considers this foreign work experience on a student visa? Do CIC will only rely on the experience letter provided by the company or CIC also cared about the status of the applicant in that country during that specific time? Can I mention this 5 years experience on my EE profile?
  12. Oh bro, I know it’s easier to work on student visa in China. But as long as you have employment letter and like bank statement showing u had income for that period I think you are good. And also some taxes documents. They wouldn’t mind which visa you on. Because as long as you graduated, the experience counts post graduation
  13. Hello everybody

    I 'm under express entry ; and have two questions:
    1- my score was 423 I got nominated today add 600 ; normally I got 1023: in my profile it shows 943. what should I do?
    2- can you please explain the steps ; after we got invitation to apply for PR
  14. June 12th. Here we go!
  15. Thanks for such a positive and prompt reply. Do you know someone who claimed an experience on a student visa and got accepted under the same circumstances?

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