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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    How much time after e-AOR can I ask CIC about my visa office?

    Thanks & appreciate response in advance!
  2. AOR June 5th .

    Couple of questions for the grp:
    • Didn't upload IELTS test score and WES scan, will this result in request for additional documents.
    • When should I submit VO information request.
  3. Hey guys. Glad to join you... me and my wife got AOR today 5 June 2018. Got all fingers and toes crossed:)
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  4. You would have submitted the certificate numbers to these in your profile so unless they go to check and something is amiss I doubt they will request for you to submit these.
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  5. Hi All... AoR - 05th June 2018..
    Now fingers crossed and waiting anxiously for next steps..

    Gosh! the wait is killing me......
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  6. Is there some specific time after which we should ask about our VO? Is the VO allocated as per the country & state of residence? if there a difference in processing times from one VO to another?
  7. Could you add me to the whatsapp group +82 10 5018 7013 Thank you ! and best of luck :)
  8. Hi all, received ITA on 26th March and AOR on June 4th. Now anxiously waiting for updates. All the best to everyone!! Hope everyones applications get processed without any delays and we all receive ppr soon :)
  9. ita- 23rd may
    e-apr aor - 7th june
  10. ITA: APRIL 25
    AOR JUNE 4
  11. ITA: 23rd may
    AOR: 5th june
  12. when should the visa office question be ideally asked ? immediately or after a few weeks/months ?
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  13. AOR received June 05. Add me to Whatssap +4142438978
  14. No, that will not be misrepresentation. As long as you do not have any missing period in you personal history you are fine, forget you did the campus job.

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