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Discussion in 'International Students' started by Jazz_Mirzaa, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. It has been 6 days now that the status of my application online has been "We are reviewing whether you meet eligibility requirements." Can anybody tell how much time it'll take to get a decision on my application from this status?
  2. Did you get the acknowledgment email?
    Is your medical passed?
    Was it an online/offline application?
    When did you submit your application?

    My Status changed to "We are reviewing whether you meet eligibility requirements. on 9th of August. No update since then
  3. Got medical passed and review of eligibility start on 7th August, applied on 14th July, still waiting.
  4. Reviewing eligibility, medical passed, on 7th August, applied on 14th Online SDS, waiting bro.
  5. Medical passed on 8 August but review not started yet. How much time it will take?
  6. They both started the same day for me.. maybe they are already reviewing your eligibility and just not updated it , and maybe u directly get visa.. only god knows whats happening :)
  7. I read in a thread that the review of eligibility is started on that day when medical update or after one week and after this it will take 2 weeks for final decision. Is it correct?
  8. Not sure bro. My medical has not been passed but still it shows "Reviewing Eligibility"
  9. No one knows what will happen. Bs Bhagwan te ykin rkho
  10. I have heard it, but seriously u can't predict when it will happen .
  11. Is there any body who’s reviewing hasn’t started yet? I’m freaking out it’s my 42nd day nd it still shows that the application is under process I cleared my medical 11 days ago exactly after 1 month any one who can tell me regarding the same???
  12. Got approval today few minutes ago!
    submitted: 21 july
    medical passed: 14th August
    visa approval: 15th August
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  13. congrats
  14. Congrats

    Application mode: online / offline ?
    VFS Location?
    VAC: Delhi / Bangalore ?
  15. thank you
    i am not sure my agent applied for me. It's not chandigarh vfs though

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