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july 2018, Citizen Application.

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by pardeep1328, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Congrats updated
  2. Hi Aceim updated, congrats Calgary people are lucky. Good luck
  3. Edmonton people :)
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  4. Congrats
  5. Hello, glad to hear you did well on the exam. What sample test questions did you do? Can you
  6. Can you provide the link please?
  7. Hello everyone ,
    I passed the test last week. Scored 19/20. All I can say is Read the book at least twice and practice a bit. It s not hard but the questions can be tricky and not super obvious. Do not underestimate it. I am french speaking but I took the exam in English. Found it easier to study that Way.
  8. Then I would say try a little bit of both :)
    Best of luck!
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  10. Hello, I have another question; the test invite I got states to bring all original documents supporting the citizenship application, what documents would that be besides: passports, pr card, english test results?

  11. Identification cards and all other originals of documents which photocopies you submitted. Also don’t forget the test invite.
  12. Quick question, I got fingerprinted last week, do I have to send the tracking number to my office?
    Thanks for the help
  13. Hello Everyone,

    Quick question: In Citizenship Application Form Section 11 (Work & Education History during Eligibility Period), I think I made a small mistake in YYY-MM in 2 consecutive places (see below):

    1. Date when I thought was my last day at work at my place of employment
    Actual 2017-03-03 (As per the Record of Employment issued to me ROE via the employer which I checked just now). The employer has an 18 month employment contract maximum and I joined on 2015-08-31 so technically I was to be employed till 2017-02-28 and I remember the extra 3 days pay as being adjustment for overtime.
    Therefore, I thought it is 2017-02-28 and so I wrote 2017-02 instead of 2017-03 (since the format is only YYYY-MM) as per the ROE.

    2. In the next consecutive row, I was on EI (unemployed) fro
    Actual 2017-03-04
    I wrote 2017-02 (since the format is only YYYY-MM) as per point #1 above

    This is a very small +- couple of days mistake. Should I call CIC and tell them to update? Should I be worried? Please advise.

  14. Copied from jangotrick

    Take the following :

    a) Letter for Invitation of Test
    b) Passports (Current and Expired)
    c) PR Card
    d) Landing Document (if you have one)
    e) Driving License and Health Card
    f) If you submitted copies of IELTS, take the original copy
    g) If there was a name change, take the original
    h) Lastly, make sure that you check all stamps in your passport to match your entry and exit (just in case they ask).

    Congrats !

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