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July 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. @tobs Can the eligibility status change after it was passed?
  2. In 5th month cic told me that my eligibilty was in process so i sat quite, but now in 6th month, i got it is in review required, now waiting for my notes
  3. Same.... seems my procedural fairness letter is taken forever
  4. Not exactly. It won't change but it can be set to not started if the application is transferred to another visa ofifce.
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  5. PFL for??
  6. Thanks @tobs :my letter of employment didn’t state my job duties,got the pfletter since September to provide more information on my responsibilities while working which I have done since then..... my additional document has been on review since then! No idea of what else to do
  7. Okay.
    A delay is usually a good sign. :)
  8. Is the new VO again going to do the eligibility assessment or they will continue with the Criminality and Security ? Because My file transferred to my LVO from Sydney NS after eligibility passed .
  9. I don't know if they always do eligibility assessments again I just know that some do.
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  10. Thanks tobs. According to Ralph's email My eligibility is passed and they transferred my file to Colombo Sri Lanka. Now I am bit worried.
  11. I don't think you need to worry. Just give it some time then email the LVO to find our the status of your application.
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  12. In my opinion, most of the people do not appreciate or value enough the privilege of being able to immigrate to Canada this easy, all the more having their application processed within 6 months compared to how long it used to take in the past, it used to take years and it wasn't this easy. It's permanent residence in the best country in the world. MyCIC doesn't tell much, but it could have not been there at all, it could have been also "don't contact us, we will contact you after 6 months". So there are lots of channels for people to find out about what's going on with their application but the 6 months period has to be respected. We still have one month and a half and we know, thanks God, our eligibility has been positively assessed even though eligibility, criminality and security have all not been started, yet, our only issue is knowing how long it will take, not that we have to wait, which is no issue to us.
  13. No problem pal. You're confused because you assume RPRF comes when application is ready for approval, but that's not true or at least no longer true (I heard this, but it's way back). Now RPRF comes after R10 done, usually at the same time with Med passed.
  14. I never called them. Just sent CSE four times over the period of six months. Do you think its better to call ? or order the notes now ?
  15. Whenever u complete the 6 months, call them. Kindly if u r Egyptian keep me updated

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