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Job offer letter confirmation real or fake

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by hisam1994, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. It's all about squeezing as much money out of you as possible before you finally realize that you are being scammed. Even saying that you will pay later is just more bait, so that they can get smaller amounts now, to "help the process". Read up on advance-fee (419) fraud.

  2. the immigration consultancy is also verified with iccrc.... can they do such a scam?
  3. They are saying me that uyou have to bring stamp from yourside to avoid any scam.. now what should i do?
  4. Listen to what you have been repeatedly told: scam.
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    Look you have been told here that the company is not real, the website is suspect saying company is Europe based but only contacts in India and Canada , the job offer is not real , the Winnipeg address is a residential street with no office building or factory , not even a company telephone number and you should not be paying for anything up front.

    Ultimately is your money to spend as you wish so if you are not convinced about advice here then carry on but these so called offers are designed to trap people who are desparate to believe anything just on the chance of getting to Canada.

    Sure the consultancy might appear real but who is to say they might be being conned as well. The scammers are running this as a business and use every trick going to try convincing people. Unfortunately for them they either make stupid mistakes in their presentation or offers that are totally unrealistic in the Canadian job market.

    Look up the Winnipeg address on google maps or showmystreet.com for yourself.
  6. Okkie thanx for the information
  7. Hurray, I also got the fake job offer...
    I also got the fake call from canada...
    I was also asked for 350 Cad by maxxbrill group....
    It was an entertaining experince....

    Dear Applicant,
    Greetings from Brascon, Canada.

    I am writing to you on behalf of Braston Construction INC., Being among the Leading Construction companies and having existence of more than 20 years into the Construction industry, We have delivered many projects in Canada as well as in other countries like UK, USA and The Middle East in stipulated time and budget and for that we have got achievement awards as well.

    We are currently recruiting top professionals of engineering industry from Asia under TFWP (Temporary foreign worker Program) 2018 with Corporate LMIA approval # 92551766 given by ESDC in July 2018

    We have received your job application from one the our hiring partner in India. After the assessment of your rich work experience we are highly satisfied and pleased to inform you that we have shortlisted you for the profile of Quantity Surveyor (Civil) in our company.

    So we would like to offer this job with exciting benefits and an opportunity to work with the best awarded employer of Canada. You will be entitled with following benefits for this employment

    Salary - Your net take home salary after all deductions will be CAD 4800 moreover you will not be liable to pay any further taxes as you will be working as a foreign worker and your tax will be deducted at source.

    Food and Accommodation - Your food and accommodation will be on us without any cost, we will be providing you an accommodation within 2 miles radius of your project with 3 star services with meals.

    Hours of Work - You will be working as per the requirement of the project but your general working hour will be 45 hours in a week starting from Monday to Sunday, You can take one weekly off.

    Annual leaves - You will be entitled with 3 weeks of fully paid leaves in a year, in that period if you wish to go to your home country, we will provide you airfares with a return ticket to Canada.

    Contract and Location - Your contract with us will be for 2 years and the location of work will be Ottawa, Canada.

    Other benefits - Other benefits such as Medical and accidental insurance, transportation, laundry and emergency or medical leaves also be provided as per the Labor laws.

    We hope that you will surely find it as the best opportunity of your career, and we expect your positive response with an acceptance to this email.

    To proceed further kindly revert back with your acceptance to this job offer or in case of any query feel free to write us, we will try to resolve it at the earliest.

    Warm Regards
    Mark Smith ( Lead HR Manager)
    HR Department ( International)
    Brascon - Braston Constructions INC.
  8. https://www.a3g.ca/home.html - compare the website texts. Young Ashley must be very popular..
    Registry Domain ID: 2295406196_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com
    Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
    Updated Date: 2018-08-09T06:15:53Z
    Creation Date: 2018-08-09T06:15:52Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2019-08-09T06:15:52Z
  10. Thank you for the information
  11. It's a 200% scam, i too was interviewed over phone then these guys offered me management job at 6000CD per month. So I deposited 350 CAD. Then got the docs checked all fake so i lodged a complaint with Mohali Police n today the accused has been arrested. All theze offers are scams n all of them are operating from Mohali.But now I m in deep depression, the accused person's wife has been calling me up, crying and crying n requesting me to take bak complaint , they have a small kid, i m feeling bad n guilty. I shud have not lodged the complaint.
  12. The maxxbrill group guy is in jail arrested today. By Mohali.police
  13. Yes fake
  14. Yes, you should... How many others have they stolen from, both money and the possibility of a better future? Scum...
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    You should not be depressed as you did the right thing. These people would have no compassion for you if you followed through with fake documents and you yourself got arrested for trying to use those documents.

    In fact you should even report the persons wife to the police for hassling you. These people need to get the message that not everyone is going to put up with their scams without consequences.

    Unfortunately though there are so many people desperate to get to Canada and these people know this that getting rid of even one there are many more still active.

    Basic rule still applies if offer looks too good to be true then it is and nobody ever really offers a job to anyone not already in Canada unless they have a unique skill not readily available which given most of these offers highly unlikely.

    Finally just to add , although I do not have any information, there is always a suspicion that the people issuing these offers, documents and collecting money are at the bottom of the supply chain. The real crooks are far removed from operating the scam, they just take the cash leaving the operator as in this case to take the fall.

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