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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. I think you will have to send both new and old ones. Someone asked same question few days back but can't remember clearly what the experts advised that time. Try searching in forum, you should be able to find such cases.
  2. Thank you capricon7 , yes we will send in both passports for stamping , but as per my knowledge I will also send in the picture of both new and old passport to cic webform so that they are also notified. Other than this if anything else needs to be done and you find the forum please do let me know. Many thanks
    Warm rgds
  3. Do share your details.
  4. Looks like another week of silence :(
    Let's hope next week will be raining on everyone waiting:)
  5. It has been a long time since we saw a PPR rain last time.
    Hopefully the officers are coming back to the desks from their summer vacation. We gotta understand that there is a fairly long winter(6 month) in Canada and people need to enjoy their summer.

    Hope everyone will hear something next week!
  6. They will mostly upload the result in a week. And you will get your final decision within a month. If remedical is requested, all other things are passed. Congratulations in advance. Keep us posted when you submit remedical and when you hear back from them.
  7. @legalfalcon, please add me to the group, thanks. 4313375559
  8. Felt like a ghost town this week.. please pray that we will all get PPRS rain next week
  9. That's right. I have my fingers crossed. Most of January applicants will cross 8 months next week including me.
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  10. Hitting 8 months next week too.
  11. I sincerely hope what you said turns out to be true!
  12. Has anyone with additional verifications received PR?
  13. Hello,

    Did anyone do biometrics in Mexico. I just got biometrics letter, Aor Jan 30th. I need to step out of Canada for it.
  14. Yes I did it in Mexico city.
    I was on a business trip to Mexico and could combine this with my work schedule.

    The process was pretty smooth. Just go there at appointed time, the center doesn't allow entry ahead of your scheduled time. After checking in, it took about an hour for me to finish the process. Actual biometrics took only about 5 min. But the waiting took longer
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  15. Thanks for the reply.
    I will go to their website to schedule an appointment!

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