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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Nowadays it takes on average 40 days to pass the medical tests. I have seen the number between 38 to 42, but 40 is the most reported one.
  2. IP1
  3. Guess they have got more backlogs now. I got it within 30 days and most of the Nov folks got it within 35 too.

    Sadly, the processing time has been increasing lately :(
  4. Overworked staff.. welcome to Canadian Government. I hope they allocate more funds toward hiring more people to fast track the whole process.
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  5. No update today..sigh
  6. Nope .. keep waiting
  7. Didn't get any update of MEP for AOR 27th Jan'19. Any update from others?

  8. Yeah no update. My aor is 27 Jan . ,maybe today we get .
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    Hey Guys!

    MEP done today . I checked on mycic account. However still haven't received an email from them regarding MEP. Status bar had disappeared and now is back with a timeline of 4 months.
    My AOR is 27th Jan.

    Not yet received BIL as of now

    Keep checking guys! And best of luck!
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  10. Hey Guys!

    My Aor 27th Jan

    MEP done today . Just checked on mycic account. Going for biometrics on Monday. How much time it takes after biometrics ?
  11. Hey buddy! You got BIL request too??
  12. yes don't worry you will receive too
  13. It's sad how slow the process is now. This only adds more workload on these staff. They seriously need to start hiring more people and try to reduce the workload.
  14. H

    Hence why FSW exists for shortage of workers. As anxious as we get to recieve these updates, let's not forget 6 months, or even a year, is nothing for a residency program. Let's not complain.
  15. ofcourse this is what we signed up for. But it's just the workload. For us it's just 1 application that we are painfully waiting for long period but for them it's thousands of applications that they have to dealt with.

    With more ITAs being issued now it just doesn't make their task any easy. Adding more staff will be more beneficial but oh well, we can hope!!

    I wouldn't mind waiting for more than a year if I know I am getting my PPR for sure.
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