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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Thanks.
    No ghost update. RPRF request on 27th July.
    Mailed Ralph on 1st August.
    Received reply : Assessments are completed. Final review and approval pending.
    PPR Mail: 2nd August.
  2. Congratulations
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  3. Thank you so much for the detailed msg. Appreciate your help.
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    My AOR is Jan 27th and I stopped working in Feb when my Work Permit expired in Canada. I'm currently on a visitor status waiting for my results. Do I need to inform the IRCC about this situation? When my Work Permit expired I left the border and re-entered to change my status to visitor immediately. I spoke to the border agents who went into my account to look at my PR application. Do you think they would've added notes that I changed to a visitor status or is it too late to tell them.. it's been so long I don't know if I should
  5. Appreciate your help! I'm in Canada so calling seems the easiest option. Will try!
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  6. They see it. You don't need to inform about this particular status change, new visa or extension. The IRCC folks see it clearly and they will make notes or communicate each other.
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  7. So I don’t have to inform them I’m no longer working, they know when I change my status
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  8. Hi all, need some advice.

    Jan 29th AOR. No GU or PPR email yet.
    Spoke to IRCC agent - was told criminality passed, security not started, eligibility under review.

    I am an Indian citizen living in the US on a H1B visa, which expires this coming week. My company has applied for the extension but it will take couple of weeks / months to get my new I-797.

    My question is, should I inform IRCC that my H1B is extended ? If so, what proof should i give and is there a chance it would cause further delay in my file processing ?

    If I don't, would this be a red flag or cause for concern by the officer processing my file ?

  9. Oh, true thanks for the advice, I will do it on Tuesday
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  10. Thanks a lot for the advice, I will do something on it soon!
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  11. No, not really.
    The work experience you claimed and counted is prior your ITA. Hence, anything you do afterwards is not the matter of concern.
    As long as the status is concerned, they will see your visitor status.
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  12. Visitor status is 6months max. I think u may have lost the visitor staus. Why didnt you apply for bowp
  13. My visitor status expires August 18th, and I can apply to extend it. I applied to extend my work permit because I had not received the invitation to apply through the CEC yet. Timings were bad and I couldn't apply to bridge afterwards.
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  14. You don't have to inform them, simply beacuse you are not breaking any immigration regulations by waiting for your I-797 extension. I hope that your PPR will arrive before your US work permit is approved.


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  15. I agree, IRCC should know where you stand on the visa status .. it’s their own system and visa..

    Stop worrying. Remember, you would have given scanned copies of your passport and current visa etc, so as far as transparency goes, you get full marks
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