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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Oh surprising...he must b from exempted countries if m not wrong
  2. Would like to know how many in this forum recently found out that "Nothing has started" in their application and timeline is also up.
  3. Me
  4. Just observed 2 cases from Nov One Manali Deshpande and the other one Upasana both of them have the same status right until the end one received PPR after 10 days of 6 Months deadline (Manali) and Upasana got RR. Point is no one knows how the system works and what are they doing in the background that they can clear a file in 2 weeks from scratch or put RR. Something is better than nothing right?
  5. Ahaan ...very helpful info.
    At least it doesn’t mean that it will take another six months !!
  6. We need more people to confirm this theory, that they are working in the background just not updating the system maybe looking for some higher up's approval ? can be Target related or can be they have urgent cases to dispatch. God knows.
  7. It means documents needs verification. That is what an agent told me on the call.
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  8. Hi
    Even if we are receiving the reply from the MP how do we know that this is the exact status of our application. Has anyone been able to crossverify this with gcms notes or by calling ?

  9. I have a query here, Can I anyone email him to inquire about the status of their profile? Does he work with IRCC?
  10. As far as I know that with IRCC no theory works:D

    Unless we know the workflow, review steps and hierarchy in the organization, everything is merely speculation. if "review required" is with CB01126, then it is definitely going to take more than 6 months and there is no way around to get the application expedited....unfortunately, I am one of those riding through this whirlwind....need to wait...…..
  11. He is MP in Canadian Parliament
  12. As per myimmitracker:

    January 2019:
    Total logged case in myimmitracker: 393
    PPR awarded: 175 (44.53%)

    February 2019:
    Total logged case in myimmitracker: 378
    PPR awarded: 134 (35.44%)

    It looks like 80% processing within 6 months is a MYTH
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  13. Hi guys.. I am AOR Jan 10 and completed 6 months time this July 10. Any AOR Jan'19 received PPR yet ?
  14. Hi
    .. Can you please add me to Jan'19 AOR WhatsApp or telegram group please!

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