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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Yes ..
    1-the date he mentioned for my medical s is accurate
    2- my visa office is indeed New Delhi !
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  2. Thanks for sharing the detailed information. Did you export your car as well? Was there any issue with that?
  3. Not such thing. Just drive your car normally. No issue at all.
  4. Just landed.
    You will be there soon bro :)
    Check my signature it has complete timeline
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  5. Good luck, keep me posted :)
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  6. When I read first line which said wow wow wow, I thought you received PPR. How come nothing is started after 6 months? It doesn't seem possible.

    When I had called CIC last week, the agent told me that there are 2 documents which are RR and hence my eligibility and security shows not started. So I think you may have some documents which are RR.
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  7. Does the comment review required mean that the document has to be verified or incomplete..
  8. Did you cross the border and enter?
  9. I did a flagpole
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  10. Good luck with your Canadian adventure!
  11. Thank you! Waiting you to join this big family :)
  12. So nice of u to quote my concern.
    You gave a new angle to me.. may be a RR reflects on surface that nothing started in my app but indeed something is done
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  13. I've ordered the notes. I have a hunch of what may be missing in my application. I'm about to submit a CSE supplying this information... Hoping that it's enough.
    Calling IRCC they said eligibility is still "in progress" which is contradicting information and they could not give me any more details
  14. Good luck with your Canadian adventure.
  15. Got a reply nothing started in my app will wait for next month now.
    Criminality passed
    Eligibility not started so does security

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